The Whisky is Alive With P.O.D. and Nonpoint

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

Matt and I have been having a stellar year shooting shows at the famous Whisky a Go Go. From Doyle to the Butcher Babies, Royal Distortion, Vigil of War, and Garbeast, it is one of my favorite spots on the Sunset Strip to cover shows. So, naturally, we decided to head back there to cover P.O.D. and Nonpoint on November 15th. This will be my third time in a year seeing both of these remarkable nu metal acts in the past year. Nonpoint has just released their 10th studio album, X, which is to me one of their best records yet. It is ironic because P.O.D. (Payable on Death) was about to release their next album the following day, entitled Circles. So, in a way, this concert was also their album release party at the same time. Islander is opening up for them, but unfortunately we did not get to see them. It was time for the Whisky to feel so alive!

Nonpoint are masters at both alternative metal and nu metal. Last time I saw them was back in June at the Whisky, where they were on a co-headlining tour with the Butcher Babies. They were firing on all cylinders the whole evening. Lead vocalist Elias Soriano, with dreadlocks swinging around the room, performed savagely and beautifully. Not only does he bring the flow in his rapping, but also the groove of his screeching vocals. B.C. Kochmit continues to impress Nonpoint fans with his marvelous lead riffs and crunchy solos. They usually have big squared strobe lights on the stage, but not this time due to the limited space on the stage. I will admit, it was nice because my eyes were not blinded. 4 songs from their set came from the album X, which included the already mosh pit favorite, “Dodge Your Destiny.” That song is my favorite off the new record, so I threw myself in the pit and went crazy. Soriano made sure to tell us to have our “fists in the air, bodies in the air, or bodies in the pit.” Of course, we obeyed. From “Chaos and Earthquakes” to “The Truth,” “What a Day,” “Wheel Against Will,” and the ever popular “Bullet With a Name,” chaos filled the Whisky as Nonpoint seized the moment and turned the entire performance into a party.

Full Nonpoint gallery below:

After Nonpoint, we were ready to open our ears, hearts and souls to P.O.D. The boys from San Diego have had their finger on the pulse of nu metal since the MTV days. It is not just nu metal, it is nu metal with a message on faith and hope. Frontman Sonny Sandoval is a beast on stage. When he gets his hands on the microphone, he starts whipping it around like a bullwhip, all the while rapping and flowing with great presence. Marcos Curiel is a much underrated guitarist in my mind. He has created some very memorable riffs that still stand out in the world of alternative metal today. He even whips out a wicked solo ever now and then. Bassist Traa Daniels and drummer Wuv Bernardo were rhythmic machines, laying down infectious grooves for fans to mosh to. For a majority of their set list, P.O.D. performed songs from their new record, Circles, and their 2001 groundbreaking hit, Satellite. From “Satellite” to “Soundboy Killa,” “Rockin’ With the Best,” “Murdered Love,” “Ghetto,” “Condescending,” “Beautiful,” “Southtown,” and “Always Southern California,” the crowd was enjoying every song they have been hearing. When they went into their classic hits “Youth of the Nation,” “Boom,” and “Alive,” we sang with P.O.D., giving it all we got. They ended their night with a new song from Circles, “Listening for the Silence.”

Full P.O.D. gallery below:

The Whisky felt so alive with P.O.D. and Nonpoint, and we could not deny it. They performed in an almost sold out crowd. P.O.D. that night was the shepherd, and we were the flock, waiting to be guided by their music. Whether it was a heavy rocker or a sweet ballad, P.O.D. did not leave the fans disappointed. Nonpoint was on their A-game, and the fans are loving the new material they just released. Joining us for this awesome rock ‘n’ roll night was Melanie Martin, who I now dub my Lady of Rock. Like us, she was blown away. Cannot wait to see who ravages the Whisky next. To P.O.D. and Nonpoint, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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