Billy Bio Brings Much Needed Hardcore Style to the Slidebar

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

Well Uncivil Revolt freaks, the year is almost up, and Matt & I are exhausted from are constant traveling around Southern California. NAH!!! I am just fucking with you readers. Though 2018 is drawing to a close, we have many more shows to catch before January. For instance, on November 30th, we headed back to our favorite Fullerton spot, the Slidebar, to watch a kick-ass performance by Billy Graziadei, aka Billy Bio. Known as the founder and rhythm guitarist for both Biohazard and supergroup Powerflo, Billy Bio has just released his solo debut album that night, Feed the Fire. Helping him celebrate that night were hard rockers Haster and stoner metalcore band All Hail the Yeti, who also released their 3rd album earlier this month as well, Highway Crosses. Time to get the party started!

Haster has been on a tear lately on the alternative metal circuit. With 3 albums under their belts and touring nationally with rock heavyweights, they are becoming a group that has the makings of being a headliner at the House of Blues in Anaheim one day, if they have not yet done that. I have been meaning to see Haster for quite some time, but whenever they have a show coming up, I was at another show. Jarret Stockmar has a powerful voice, while David Heida played some deadly guitar solos. Rhythm guitarist Patrick Nolan hit his stride with the riffs, and Andrew Vega was a well-oiled drumming machine. Haster played some tasty tunes that I was headbanging to, from “The Unscene” to “Consumed,” “Within the Walls,” “Crutch,” “The Following,” and “Mind Control Campaign.” They closed out their set with a song that I liked the most, “Artist’s Life.” A lot of people mentioned to me that Haster puts on a great performance, and they were right.

Full Haster gallery below:

If there was a time for stoner rock and metalcore to come together to cause a chaotic buzz, then All Hail the Yeti are the ones to do it. They played some gnarly material that was very upbeat, catchy, as well as nasty. Vocalist Connor Garritty was a snarling beast on the microphone, particularly getting into the faces of the fans while singing about folklore. Drummer Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz moved at swift speed on the kit. Not only did Nicholas Diltz wailed a mean bass line, but he handles himself nicely on the clean vocals. While Garritty hits the crowd hard, Diltz softens the blow. On guitar for this show was Clay Davies, who did a spectacular job. I do not know their guitarist situation, but I see Davies fitting in with them nicely. Throughout the evening, All Hail the Yeti was driven with such passion and tenacity. From “The Art of Mourning” to “See You Never,” “Before the Flames,” “Highway Crosses,” “The Nuclear Dust,” “Slow Season,” and “Mr. Murder,” it was a brutal that brought so much pleasure to Fullerton. All Hail the Yeti indeed!

Full All Hail The Yeti gallery below:

Cocked, locked, and ready to rock, Billy Bio hit the crowd with his first song of the night, “No Apologies No Regrets.” I have always enjoyed watching this guy perform because he is full of life and aggression when he is in the zone. Instead of singing into a standing mic, he puts on a headset because he loves moving around the stage when plays. He even joked around with us by saying that the headpiece was given to him by Justin Bieber. Thank God he was messing with us, otherwise I would have to kill him (LOL). The musicians that are with him for this show and the rest for the year wear very talented. Dan Palmer, who is from England, shredded nicely on lead guitar, all the while having us admire his badass, old-school looking mustache. Their bassist, who is Italian, bombarded us with vicious bass licks, and jumped around as if he were David Lee Roth. Peruvian drummer Fred Aching performed like a beast, thrashing and banging with an awesome force. Billy Bio really got the crowd stirred in frantic state, including myself. The list of songs he played were heavy to the bone, and they include “Generation Z,” “Enemy,” “Feed the Fire,” “Untruth,” and “Freedom’s Never Free.” Much to the fans delight, he even played some Biohazard tunes like “Punishment,” “Shades of Grey,” “A Lot to Learn,” and “Authority.” After “Punishment,” fans lifted him up in the air as a sign of respect.

Full Billy Bio gallery below:

The Slidebar was full of fans who were actually moshing once Billy Bio started riffing. Haster won me over with their alternative metal style, and All Hail the Yeti got down and dirty with the crowd. All 3 performed beautifully. 2018 has been marked by great performances, and they were added to the list. A few more shows are left in December, so let us finish the year tough and resilient. To Billy Bio, All Hail the Yeti, and Haster, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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