Ignite The Fire rise up with Lazarus

Ignite the Fire
Jack Gurecki - Vocals Mark Quinn - Guitar Michael Nelson - Guitar Holly Smith - Bass Caelan Gregory - Drums

Youth have the power, at least in the case of Ignite the Fire. Live they are more energetic than a basement hockey fight.  The kind of stage presence that seems to only come to grizzled veterans over a long history of touring is found with Ignite the Fire.

Taking a commanding role is the lead vocalist Jack Gurecki. Dictating the pace and crowd interaction he drives the heartbeat of the band straight down the throats of the audience.
The term (Nu-Metal) does not escape Ignite the Fire but they are so much more than that with breaking down to do an acoustic set of songs tell you they are serious about what they are doing. When Mark Quinn – Guitar and Michael Nelson – Guitar bring you back from the slowed down version of the band you feel the electricity being pumped back to life as with their newest release LAZARUS. From the start, you will be engaged with watching Caelan Gregory smashing the drum kit so hard you would think that the cymbals would be cracking and streaming pieces of metal into the fist-pumping crowd then add to that the fanatic bass playing of Holly Smith (who’s bass actually seem to be bigger than her) her energy level on stage is like that of a rabid cornered animal and you have a band that seems to be ready to not only light the country on fire but Ignite the entire world on fire!   Be sure to check out the upcoming release Echoes, coming soon!

Ignite the Fire
Jack Gurecki – Vocals,  Mark Quinn – Guitar, Michael Nelson – Guitar,  Holly Smith – Bass,  Caelan Gregory – Drums

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