Metal Gets Horrific Makeover At the Whisky with Wednesday 13

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos and “Fate DeStroyed” paragraph by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together to eat some wonderful food, watch some football, and be thankful for the lives we have. For Matt and I, one of the things we are very thankful for is covering all kinds of hard rock and heavy metal performers. During this Thanksgiving weekend, we both decided to head back to the Whisky a Go-Go to catch Wednesday 13. Known for his time as the frontman for Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 and the Joey Jordison project Murderdolls, Wednesday 13 has developed an intense reputation for bringing mayhem to the stage. Helping him spread some metal terror on this tour were monster-themed rockers The Rhythm Coffin, female fronted metal outfit Fate DeStroyed, and LA bad boys Davey Suicide. Joining us in our latest adventure was Matt’s lady of rock, Kendra Taylor. Christmas may be upon us, but for these artists, it is Halloween all year round.

The first group we saw was probably the most entertaining and energetic group of the night, The Rhythm Coffin. Dressed as zombies and monsters, this group makes being a monster look cool. They are fronted by Gruesome Gereg, who is the mad scientist with a shrieking, terrifying voice and a taste for delicious guitar licks. He is the life of the party, engaging the fans to participate in their performance. Helping him with the vocals were his Ghoulie Girls, Ashes Ashley and Scarrie Carrie. Their entire set was riddled with monster props, confetti guns, inflatable cockroaches, and Styrofoam heads for fans to headbang with when they performed “Headless Head Bop.” The songs they performed made me want to be monster, from “MP3 Crypt Keeper” to “Ain’t in My Grave Tonight,” “Gruesome’s Cockroach Coffee,” “Scarrie Carrie From the Cemetery,” “In My World You’re Mine,” Werewolf Walker,” and “A Famous Monster I Want to Be.” They ended things with the ever popular monster song, “Monster Mash.” If you fans are for a band to book for your next Halloween party, or just love horror looks in general, then look no further than the Rhythm Coffin, a rock band of monstrous proportion.

Full The Rhythym Coffin gallery below:

The next band we caught this night at the Whisky was Fate DeStroyed, who has been making waves in the local metal scene in Southern California. This female fronted band took the stage, helmed by Franccesca De Struct on vocals, and were ready to captivate the audience with fierce vocals and a wicked allure to her stage presence. Flanked by dual guitarists Jonni Law and Art DiHarce, though Law was having some technical difficulties with his amp, DiHarce picked up the slack filling the room with tasty guitar licks for everyone to take a bite out of. Donning war paint, bassist Nathan Youngblood looked like he was driving the band into battle with his basslines. Crashing down on the cymbals and keeping the fills strong was Ben Levi on drums. Playing songs like “Break Free” and “We Fall,” Fate DeStroyed showed the crowd at the Whisky why they are on the rise with their blend of the industrial sound and hard-hitting metal tone. Be on the lookout for this band as any national touring metal act would be honored to have Fate DeStroyed as a support.

Full Fate DeStroyed gallery below:

This will be my 3rd time and Matts 4th time seeing Davey Suicide take the stage. Right away, the Goth rockers from the gutter wasted no time infecting the ears of the packed house. Frontman Davey Suicide continues to show the fans his tenacity to give them one hell of a performance. Guitarist Niko Gemini still mesmerizes me with his riffs, while Derek Obscura remains the pulse of Davey Suicide with his dirty bass notes. James Decker, drummer for Stitched Up Heart, once again sits behind the kit for the group on this tour, and will be joining them in Europe this winter. I still believe he is a good fit for the group because of his wicked personality and outlandish drumming. From “Kids of America” to “Devil’s Night,” “Too Many Freaks,” “Torture Me,” “Rise Above,” and “No Angel,” gutter rock never sounded more alive. They closed out their night with “Generation Fuck Star,” which is always a crowd favorite. It was another fun time seeing the boys of Davey Suicide.

Full Davey Suicide gallery below:

Now, it was time for the real horror to begin. Wednesday 13 walks down the side stairs, and steps out to the stage with his murderous group ready to slay us with their heavy metal sound, starting with “Too Fast for Blood.” Their combination of Gothic metal and horror punk is the stuff of disturbing beauty. Lead guitarist Roman Surman lights up the stage with his deadly guitar hooks and slick solos. Along with rhythm axe man Jack Tankersley, they both performed amazing bone-chilling riffs. Troy Doebbler is fierce and steady with his basslines, while drummer Kyle Castronovo brought true fear when he banged the snares and clashed the cymbals. In between tunes, Wednesday 13 would do a quick costume change that would fit the theme of the next song. He is really out there with wardrobe, donning outfits that scream horror. I really dug their whole set, from “Scream Baby Scream” to “Keep Watching the Skies,” “Serpent Society,” “Prey for Me,” “Blood Sucker / Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed,” “Skeletons,” “From Here to the Hearse,” and “I Walked With a Zombie.” They even performed 4 songs from Wednesday’s Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 days, which included “Screwdriver” and “Die My Bride.” The evening came to a bloody conclusion when they ended the night with “Bad Things.”

Full Wednesday 13 gallery below:

Like I said before, the Holidays are fast approaching, but us fans of metal and horror, these 4 bands we saw continue to bring Halloween fun to us. Wednesday 13 was thirsty for ears, Davey Suicide continue to be gutturally fun, Fate DeStroyed continue to conquer the metal scene in So Cal, and the Rhythm Coffin brought monster fun. With an endless sea of ghoulish costumes and wicked makeup from the artists and some of the fans, the Whisky became a haunted house for us to enjoy. To Wednesday 13, Davey Suicide, Fate DeStroyed, and the Rhythm Coffin, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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