Album Review: Atollo13, Scimmie Di Mare

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

Scimmie Di Mare is the latest full length release from Italian Surf band Atollo13, and it is fun from the moment it starts to the end. Reminiscent of The Eliminators and the Blue Stingrays and The Shadows, there’s some groovy and gnarly tunes here that you can dig unless you’re a square.

Trappistone is the beginning intro, complete with the old vox keyboard and reverb drenched fender guitars in all their Cali sun glory. Such great musicianship here.

Linda Linda the first song with vocals, they sing in Italian, but it sounds right. It’s a wonderful song. It’s crazy to hear perfect top notch surf music with Italian lyrics, but I must say it’s better than alot of stuff around today. It sounds fresh out of a pier in the early 60s.

Sea Monkeys starts off with discord and a psychedelic moment before grooving into a beautiful dance tune. Any record that encourages fun, or dancing is a good one. These guys completely have it nailed down and tight.

I did not want to is another great instrumental that’s very vibey and catchy. Great guitar work. I can’t get enough, man.

Miki tiki flows and gives you the peaceful vibe of a sunset on a beach with a bonfire and a beer in your hand. Paradise. Nothing not to love here.

Pistolero is a rockin tune, great vocald and harmonies. Puchy raw guitars.

Thirty two begins with an awesome mellow hippie gypsy like vibe and carries it as the band comes in. It’s just so fucking awesome and cool. Yet so simple. El cumbanchero has a slight Santana vibe going. Complete with horns, and beautiful spidering guitar lines drenched with reverb. The melody is fantastic. No vocals, no problem. They just jam and vibe.

The conspirator is a fun song with singing. This is just really good time music for people whose taste in music isn’t bland and boring. It’s addicting once you get surf music.

Povera ragazza piatta, which translates to Poor Girl Flat, is another great song, with a little Beatles influence on this one. Complete with a fucking theramin adding to the harmony. When’s the last time you heard a theremin in a song?

Eve is a beautiful, laid back tune. Such good musicianship. So tight but loose. Crocodilo’s party is a rockin tune with transcendental guitar work. How can a band be so consistently groovy?

The Kitchen Of Horrors is not only a great title, but it’s a very spooky James bond meets scooby doo kinda vibe, with great vocals. La orillera is another great jamming tune, perfect for surf or burning down the highway. Land of the living mad ends the album with a fun, punchy, rockin tune with vocals. This album is fantastic, amazing musicianship, and songwriting. The album was recorded live on a wooden stage in an old theater, and that vibe comes through for sure.

Track Listing

1. Trappistone
2. Linda Linda
3. Scimmie di mare
4. Io non volevo!
5. Miki tiki
6. Pistolero
7. Trentadue
8. El cumbanchero
9. Il complottista
10. Povera ragazza piatta
11. Eva
12. Crocodilo’s party
13. La cucina degli orrori
14. La orillera
15. Terra dei matti viventi

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