Album Review: Damn Dice, Thriller Killer

By Andy Thunders

Damn Dices latest release Thriller Killer is another hard, ball busting energetic heavy rock with melody and hooks.

The first track Thrill Of The Kill has all the elements that make Damn Dice unique. The heaviness with a melodic sense and punk attitude. Wallis playing his ace with precision and passion. One of the best metal bands on the scene today. Just balls out heavy melodic metal music. Stories I write is upbeat and a banger. Alex is singing his ass off, his voice is getting better with each record as well, full of attitude and conviction. A voice for the disenchanted. One of the best bands in the underground. This Time has a sweet riff. Slight Velvet Revolver vibe, just heavier. It’s as much rock n roll as it is old school metal. It’s uplifting, powerful and intricate. They have what’s hard to achieve these days, a unique identifiable sound. Turn Back the Clock starts with a Iron Maiden meets Megadeth vibe. Heavy as fuck, and punches you in the balls. And the orgasmic solo. These guys never have disappointed in terms of awesome songs and heavy fucking rock.

Leaving With Nothing is another heavy balls out rocker, with a great melodic, powerful chorus. How can they do this so fucking well?

Fire Below is almost reminiscent of Disturbed, but if Disturbed could write good songs and sing, which is surprising but good. It’s not nu metal, but it’s  got that same heaviness and vibe but with real musicians and songwriters and a good singer with a real voice.

One good song after another here, Got To Know is another powerful tune, Blood And Tears has an amazing riff, and awesome structures. Alex wailing, Wallis shredding. These guys seriously are the next big band.

Back Again is a kick ass anthem about perseverance, Behind Youstarts off with a great guitar line, that picks up to another kick ass tune, with a lot of hooks. Killer.

What a life begins with a clean riff, and then kicks you in the head.

The album closes with Find Me, a slow, dark anthem.this record is truly flawless, and has so much talent and energy. Metal meets Guns N Roses. Fucking fantastic. Due out in December.


1. Thrill of the Kill
2. Stories I Write
3. This Time
4. Turn Back the Clock
5. Leaving With Nothing
6. Fire Below
7. Got to Know
8. Blood & Tears
9. Back Again
10. Behind You
11. What a Life
12. Find Me

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