Album Review: Onset, Unstructured Dissemination

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

Onset is an Atmospheric Funeral Doom band, a two piece from Singapore. Their EP Unstructured Dissemination is an instrumental masterpiece, haunting and brooding. The soundtrack to the abyss. Brings to mind cold medieval burials.

Permeation The Ordeal starts off with eerie synth slowly building, setting the mood, and it’s desolate. It builds up and the guitars and everything come in. Very cosmic and hypnotizing in a way. It is quite incredible, with funereal beauty. Echoes of past lives seep through your subconscious as you listen and bask in the dark tranquility of your mind floating through the river of pain. Incredible work. This doesn’t need words.

Pestis: The Suppressing & Recurrence starts with a drum roll and goes into a motherfucker of a riff and has a layer right underneath that has ghostly like sounds. It almost sounds like a demon whispering to you right underneath the riffs. This EP is absolutely amazing. Stunning and stellar craftsmanship in music, and creating auras. This is an incredible piece of work. Absolute melancholic allure.

Track Listing

1. Permeation: The Ordeal
2. Pestis: The Suppressing & Recurrence

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