Album Review: Pitch Black Sunrise, Tales of A Broken Jester

By Andy Thunders

Pitch Black Sunrise is a Stoner rock band from Hudson Valley, NY. A new band on the horizon, a tight 3 piece with incredible songs, and beautiful trippy vibes. Their debut EP Tales Of A Broken Jester is phenomenal. In a genre littered with great stuff, and really bad, these dudes are in the former category rather than the latter.

“Demons Now My Angels Be” starts off with a killer grungey Sabbath riff. This recording is raw, but not too much. It sounds like three dudes just recorded themselves jamming. Great vocals, great riffs, and a dirty groove. There are hints of Black Sabbath, Sound garden, and Led Zeppelin littered through it. Nothing not to love here.

“The Rites Of Spring” starts with another killer bluesy riff, and gallups with a groove like old school zeppelin, with a grunge like verse from the Melvins or Mudhoney, and goes anthemic on the bridge, and the chorus is quite sublime if I may so. It’s heavy and rocks, but it also uplifts with some sonic  euphoria. Incredible.

“How Far We Fall” starts off with an eerie reverb soaked arpeggio, very soft, reminiscent of Alice In Chains, and builds into my favourite riff on the ep, so psychedelic, and Sabbath heavy, before it comes back down to that eerie soft riff. A very Soundgarden like verse, builds and explodes into an equally strong chorus. It’s like these dudes have the right pieces to put right where they belong to create really good songs. A Heavy psychedelic kaleidoscope. That’s the only way I can describe their sound.

“A Tale Of A Broken Jester” has a straight line waltzy Sabbath riff that’s taken a tab of acid with their doobie. So heavy, so powerful, and intricate. Once again, that groove they got. It’s almost danceable. It’s not poppy, it just has that groove, man.

All I can say is if people think Greta Van Fleet are so amazing, Pitch Black Sunrise is about 20 times the band GVF try to be. This record is absolutely phenomenal. These dudes are seriously talented, and they will blow your mind. Cascading psychedelia drenched in sabbath and zeppelin  during a satanic ritual and dragged through some grunge.

1. Demons now my Angels be
2. The Rites of Spring
3. How Far We Fall
4. A Tale Of A Broken Jester

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