Album Review: Prophets Of Addiction, Nothing But The Truth

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

Prophets Of Addictions’ latest Nothing But The Truth is a fantastic, stripped down acoustic record and it is quite amazing and moving at times. Taking their glam punk sleaze hybrid down to their raw bare bones.

The American Dream opens the album perfectly. Its subtle and sublime, using lines like ‘seasons may change but I’ll stay the same’ it’s a statement thats powerful and its a truly good song.Lesli has that folky wine to his voice that i never really caught until hearing this record. Its really something special here and it touches your soul.

Altar of Altercation is a twisted beautiful song about living in a rough town. The about this record, as they are a punky glammy band, but this record has all the elements of a good folk album. Storytelling songs with wonderful, simple melodies. Holy shit.

Babylon Boulevard is a song they have an electric version of, but this version cuts you like a knife and leaves you bleeding in the gutter in the moonlight. Its so intense but subtle. Absolutely beautiful.

Talkin is a song about a person you cannot please. This one gives off a rolling stones vibe. Man, these guys are absolutely incredible. The simplicity of it but the textures are just perfectly placed where they need to and it isn’t forced, it just flows naturally like a river. The album flows to the very fun song Last Of The Word, a great relatable catchy tune with a fun rhythm and element to it. Spare The Bullets is an empowering, dark track about building yourself back up from ground zero with a vengeance. Killer lyrics and amazing music.

Hollywood is a love song about L.A. the city of angels hanging with the demons too. Great warm melody. Atmosphere is a beautiful song about longing for some one who you cant find anymorw and just wanna forget but your heartaches. The emotion is Lesli’s voice is so raw it gives you chills. Heart Of Mine is another happy sounding song with some pretty dark lyrics. I love the dynamic and its real. The album ends with Return The Smile which is about rising from the ashes and its a great closer. This whole record is honestly astonishing. For hard rock fans and Americana fans alike. Beautiful record.

Track Listing

1. American Dream
2. Altar of Altercation
3. Babylon Boulevard
4. Talkin’
5. Last of the Words
6. Spare the Bullets
7. Hollywood
8. Atmosphere
9. Heart of Mine
10. Return the Smile

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  1. I had to write this twice because it would not take an email lol.this is a really great review very detailed and well written.I love a couple of songs on this alb!bravo!!prophets of addiction

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