Album Review: Surf Zombies, Return Of The Skeleton

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

Hailing from Iowa, Surf Zombies deliver gnarly waves, sun, sand, and fun sonically. Guitars soaked in reverb and full on energy. Return Of The Skeleton is a great fun record.

Starstorm starts us off with a vibe that mixes Agent Orange with The Eliminators. Fuzzy rhythm with the reverb drenched leads. Its a bit dark though. Frank & The sharks has a element of The Shadows. Its beautiful. sublime. Return Of The Skeleton starts off with a creepy slide down the neck of reverb filled horror Scooby Doo chase style music. Its done perfectly. They make it real instead of corny. They capture a dark surf vibe. Rougue Wave has a great opening riff. The rhythm chyme’s in with power chords to create a groove and builds into what sounds like the great Cthulhu of waves set to destroy any surfer in it’s path. These dudes are The Misfits of instrumental surf music. Top fucking notch.

Slingshot is another happy arousing number. It evokes fun and sunlight. The duality of their sound is really a show of true musicianship.Hungry Eye starts with a bendy almost rockabilly riff with the hard surf vibe. It grabs you and makes you bounce around in a fun way. The cascading guitars and devil surf rhythm infects you no matter how cool you think you are. White Go Go Boots has a kinda mysterious, seductive vibe. Very dark, a witchy woman puts you under her spell. The grooves and riffs are just fantastic. Almost mod like. Twilight Cove is a softer number with a soft rhythm where its a 50s doo wop style rhythmically with a reverb drenched guitar cascading over top, The Shadows come to mind again. Sublime. Saturn Valley has a punky almost riff that leads us back into fun dance mode shimmying in the sun with a beer and no cares. Hardly Dangerson has a great dark flamenco sounding vibe to it. But it leads to fun and wonderful guitar breaks back down to a melancholic dark passage with both guitars harmonizing and the drums slowly bring it back up. Wonderful. Moonside sounds very dark and kinda trippy. Like dancing in a graveyard with witches around a fire. Astounding vibes these dudes put out.

Gorilla Fight starts off with the sounds of a gorilla pissed off and it has probably the best riff on the album. It’s intense as fuck. It makes you wanna break shit. The Dudeler is not only an awesome song title, its a great tune with a wonderful groove. Skip Sandwich is another great title and a a great almost reggae surf tune. Wildman ends the album with a very awesome groove man. Totally psychedelic. This album is just an incredible dark surf album. Its fun and laid back, but if you listen they are some of the best musicians out there by far.

Track Listing

1 Starstorm
2 Frank & the Sharks
3 Return of the Skeleton
4 Rogue Wave
5 Slingshot
6 The Hungry Eye
7 White Go Go Boots
8 Twilight Cove
9 Saturn Valley
10 Hardly Dangerson
11 Moonside
12 Gorilla Fight
13 The Dudeler
14 Skip Sandwich
15 Wildman

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