Album Review: Twitch Angry, Twitch Angry

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

The combination of punk rock and heavy metal is a delicate recipe for chaos and anarchy. A lot of groups over the years have attempted this mixture with either great success or dismal results. Some bands that have achieved this include the Misfits, Dead Kennedys, and Suicidal Tendencies to name a few. Well, Rock Avenue Records USA has recently signed a band that has that punk metal sound with a sort of 1990s nostalgia feel to them. They are Sacramento’s own Twitch Angry. Fronted by a man who calls himself Twitch Angry, they are old-school rock dogs who are snarling, dirty, angry and trashy enough for punk and metal fans to enjoy. He is joined by guitarist Cody Breeze, bassist Marz Airez, and drummer Bad Georgee. They have just dropped their self-titled debut, Twitch Angry, so I am intrigued to hear how these rat bastards sound. Time to get dirty.

Hello, Daddy! Twitch Angry start off the album with a speed punk number “Uncle Sam.” Twitch has a guttural approach to singing, which gives the song a real raunchy feel. He sounds like the punk version of Phil Anselmo in certain parts. “What the Fuck” starts out pretty tame, but then Breeze hits it with a blazing riff. He really knows how give the song a nostalgic 90s feel while still keeping it modern. This song screams angst and mayhem. After an unpleasant yelling from a girlfriend, we enter “The Rag.” This song has a funny metal charm of how our girlfriends are usually bitchy about something. I see this song as a joke, and it rocks. “Raised For Killing” has the makings of Overkill style song. Twitch snarls and scowls like Bobby Blitz and Bon Scott put together. I love the consistency and aggravation of Bad Georgee’s drumming, while Breeze throws in a slick and slippery solo. “Made From Dust” sounds like it is a song destroying Darwinism, but I could be wrong. Marz gets down and dirty with the song’s bass notes. I can see mosh pits forming around this song.

Halfway through, and Twitch Angry are not letting up. “Murder” starts gloriously in a power ballad style, then it all of sudden drops back down to the dirtiness of the Earth. The addition of an angelical choir gives the song a Black Sabbath feel. “San Francisco” spells out debauchery. Fast, loose, and guttural, Twitch Angry make sinful nature in this song sound like a Commandment in the Bible. Next, we come to the lustful “Don’t Need Love to Fuck.” I see this as a typical song about the joys of having sex. The music sounds bitching, but I am not too crazy about the lyrics because I feel it has been done before. Marz goes into this funky bass beat to get things going with “Caught in the Hood.” Breeze plays a wicked solo that could rival Ace Frehley. Musically speaking, it is simple but packs a punch. This song is one of my favorites off the album. We have reached the finish line with “Fuck You in the Neck.” I do not know how to describe the song’s meaning except it is about exacting revenge for metalheads around the world. Perfect song to end the album.

Overall, I would have to say not bad for some old war dogs of rock ‘n’ roll. Twitch Angry kicks you in the balls with their music, and you still smile for them. Like I said, Twitch Angry has a 90s feel to it, but I have been a fan of 90s rock/metal music for quite some time. By the way they sound, you would think they come from the Sunset Strip. I look forward to seeing them when they come down to my neck of the woods. They’re old, they’re dirty, they are a bunch of rat bastards. To Twitch Angry, I salute you. Horns up!!!



1. Uncle Sam
2. What the Fuck !
3. The Rag
4. Raised for Killing
5. Made from Dust
6. Murder
7. San Fransisco
8. Don’t Need Love to Fuck
9. Caught in the Hood
10. Fuck You in the Neck

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  1. Great write-up Brandon! Thank you! As of today at 7 pm (pst) the post has reached 3,666 views on just the (RAR) Media Page, alone. 3,666
    People Reached is fantastic. The share point was from 1/16/19 at 1:47 pm until 7:08 pm 1/21/19 and that was without paying for the post to get pushed by Facebook! Just good solid work and Fans! ~ Thank you to the Fans of Twitch Angry, for reading and sharing! ~ Rock Avenue Records USA

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