Introducing EMPTY TRAIL Check them out in “My World”

Empty Trail
Rick Lambert (vocals/guitar), Shane Wallin (bass), and Rom Gov (drums)

Austin, Texas has spawned a variety of world-renowned bands over the years that covered a wide variety of styles Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, The Sword, Scratch Acid, Dangerous Toys and a band that one day may very well be mentioned in the same breath is fast rising/hard rocking Empty Trail. Comprised of members Rick Lambert (vocals/guitar), Shane Wallin (bass), and Rom Gov (drums), the band was actually started elsewhere. “The band essentially formed here in Austin,” recalls Lambert. “However, It has been a personal project of mine since the spring of 2013 while I was living in Los Angeles. I thought it would be better to start a band in Austin because of the highly saturated market in Los Angeles. I went through a couple of members but eventually found the full live band in the summer of 2016. I decided to keep it as a 3 piece. It seemed a bit less expected.”


Lambert describes Empty Trail as “a personal endeavor,” and is the best man to ask which artists inspired the trio musically. “Metallica was one of the first bands that moved me. Frankly and I know I’m not the only guitar player to say this they were what created my passion and drive to play guitar. After this point, I was the biggest Megadeth fan, and I think you could see this in our guitar work. I mean, all of the greats influenced me, and I believe the rest of the band would agree. From a vocal standpoint, the 90s era grunge made the biggest impact for me. All the depressive topics just resonated with me. The depth and emotion in the lyrics and singers really drew me in.”


Empty Trail
Rick Lambert (vocals/guitar), Shane Wallin (bass), and Rom Gov (drums)

And as evidenced by such standout tracks as Empty Trail’s most recent single, “My World,” Lambert and company have already solidified their sound. “I think Empty Trail’s sound takes bits and pieces of the most iconic hard rock/metal bands while maintaining authenticity. I’ve always wanted things to be relatable and believable. I don’t really want to be limited to a box. I’m sure every artist says this, but it’s true! I think the music fits the mold of catchy and even poppy at times, which seems to be what’s going around, but it comes from a real place. I ’m in music because this keeps me going. I have something I need to say, something that I need to let out because if I bottle it up it is destructive. Yes, it’s rock, and it’s exciting and I want everyone to have a great time, but if you are listening, I hope it makes you feel understood. Somewhere where you can be free and not judged for who you are.”


And lastly, where can fans connect and correspond with the band? “We are almost everywhere you would imagine. The most activity tends to be on Instagram until a new platform comes around and knocks that one out. Connect with us there!”


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