Introducing from Charlotte, NC Killakoi

Jordan Mattacchione- Vocals/Guitar Sam (Sam-O) Ocheltree-Bass Robbie Reimer- Guitar Michael Russo - Drums

Killakoi is a hard rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. The band was formed in 2017. They went to record there debut EP “Pangea” in August with producer Sahaj Ticotin of Ra. They spent some time writing and working on perfecting a sound that was influenced by bands in diverse styles including grunge, metal, pop, and active rock. “Pangea” was finally released on June 2nd, 2018.

The band is comprised of Jordan Mattacchione on vocals and guitar, Sam Ocheltree on Bass, Robbie Reimer on guitar and Michael Russo on drums. The three founding members, Jordan, Sam, and Robbie were students at one time in a “School of Rock” type of music school but decided to start there own and they now are instructors of performance band, studio engineering, percussion, guitar, and music business. They have all logged hundreds of live performances and either individually or collectively performed with some great touring bands including some of their own influences like Sevendust and Twelve Foot Ninja as well as other great bands including 10 Years, Highly Suspect, Nonpoint, Butcher Babies, Shamans Harvest, Trapt, Zack Myers of Shinedown, Otherwise, Like A Storm, and more.


Jordan Mattacchione- Vocals/Guitar, Sam (Sam-O) Ocheltree-Bass, Robbie Reimer- Guitar, Michael Russo – Drums


The band completed there a first national tour in October of 2018 with From Ashes to New and BadflowerKillakoi combines old-school musicianship with new technology using Line 6’s Helix to keep their sound fresh and interesting and making a four-piece sound huge.

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