Album Review: Bravo Delta, Unbreakable

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

Rock ‘n’ roll has been in desperate need of having new blood come in and carry the flag that many legends were proud to wave. A lot of group that I have grown to love and admire over the years are starting to retire from the road. It is unbearably to think that rock is on its death bed, and we are listening to the death rattle. However, I do not believe that to be true, for I have been witnessing hot, upcoming groups emerging from the fire that was created by bands like Motley Crüe, KISS, Judas Priest, Van Halen, and Iron Maiden. A couple of those young bands include the Struts, Nothing More, Blacktop Mojo, and Greta Van Fleet. Another band, hailing from Las Vegas, is charging at ramming speed. They call themselves Bravo Delta. They are armed with blazing guitar riffs and an intelligent rock sound, as I have heard in their debut record, Unbreakable. 

Frontman Brandon Davis and his Vegas hard rock gang have put together something special for the fans of rock. They rev up the engines with the self-titled opener, which features this killer finger-tapping opening riff. Davis has a nice, smooth yet powerful vocal style that layers nicely with the music heavy edge. Next up is “Fire,” which has this cool, funky bass lick that is played very well by Roman. Davis and lead guitarist Andy Ingraham are a collective force on this song, and Ingraham blazes out a finger-pleasuring solo. This song is a little softer than the last, but it packs a strong punch. “Numbers” is razor sharp and full of energy. Drummer Brian Scott gives a heart-pounding beat that is in Tommy Lee and Travis Barker territory. Ingraham continues to go on the hunt for our musical souls with his slick solos. We move onto “Dark Room,” which is one of Bravo Delta’s more heavy tracks. I really enjoyed the message of the song, as it deals with loneliness, depression, and seeking help. Nice to see a hard rock back tackle this sensitive topic. Davis hits home with his somber and potent voice, making this is one of my favorite tracks.

“Sleepless Dream” is a short but heavy musical interlude that leads us into the ultra-sonic “Karma.” Davis lets out a screeching scream towards the end where Ingraham wails out this infectious solo that is in league with Eddie Van Halen. Bravo Delta goes a little heavier with “Virus.” There is a combination of smooth melodic singing and hollowing screams that Davis nails nicely. It is good to see he is not a one trick pony with his voice. Also, both he and Ingraham are in perfect sync with the riffs. I particularly love the metallic crunch that Roman and Scott perform. “Modus Operandi” showcases Ingraham’s ability to go rapid fire on his tapping skills, which not many can do today.

Bravo Delta unplugs for “Lost at Sea V. 1,” and it relaxes us right before the go into overdrive with the instrumental “Lost at Sea V. 2.” I feel that no lyrics and a heavier counterpart in the 2nd half of “Lost at Sea” works very well for them. Davis, Roman, and Scott are monstrous on their part, while Ingraham goes postal on his solo. The 2 halves go hand-to-hand beautifully, then ends with the melodic guitar pleaser “Dreamless Sleep.” Scott gives us a splendid filler at the start of “Insignificant.” On this song, it has a post-grunge feel with a touch of metalcore screaming, which actually sounds good on their part. We come to the conclusion of Unbreakable with “Knights of Desire.” Davis goes Matt Heafy and Sting on this song, throwing in his usual mix of screams and melodic soft touch. This song is a good closer for them.

Like the album title suggests, Bravo Delta are unbreakable on their debut. The Vegas natives give rock fans 41 minutes of blazing hard rock excitement. Not only are these guys on our radar, but they have also tracked the attention of legendary rock DJ Eddie Trunk. I hope these guys head down to my neighborhood soon because I want to see just how good they are live, which I hear is amazing. To Bravo Delta, I salute you. Horns up!!! 9/10

Track Listing

1. Unbreakable
2. Fire
3. Numbers
4. Dark Room
5. Sleepless Dream
6. Karma
7. Virus
8. Modus Operandi
9. Lost at Sea V.1
10. Lost as Sea V.2
11. Insignificant
12. Dreamless Sleep
13. Knights of Desire

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