Badflower, Fencer, and Friday Pilots Club at the El Rey in Los Angeles

By: Sienna

When you first pulled up to the El Rey Theater, there was already a huge line down the block. The building was lit up with the marquee reading, “Goldenvoice & KROQ, Badflower, February 22”. Once you enter the theater, you walk by the bar area and it takes you to a beautiful open floor. Up the stairs is seating and a full view of the theater. Three crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling and the curtains are closed on the stage. The crowd got bigger as it got closer in time for the show to start, and when it did the curtains pulled back to reveal the first set.

Friday Pilots Club, a Rock band formed in 2017 by lead vocalist Caleb Hiltunen and guitarist Drew Polovick. They did an amazing job, since they had to fill in last minute because one of the groups sadly wasn’t able to perform. The band they stepped in for was a group called Pretty Vicious, and although we weren’t able to see them, Friday Pilots Club did a great performance. Being influenced by bands such as; Nothing But Thieves, Bring Me The Horizon, and even The Strokes, singer Caleb had his own unique tone and the crowd loved it. His ability to go from smooth to raspy was superb and overall, just wonderful to listen to. They performed one of their more recent and popular song called Glory, to which their performance was near flawless. The group expressed so much within their set and you could tell they were having a good time performing. The interactions with the crowd made the experience that much more special. You could tell that they love what they do, because they couldn’t help but smile practically through the entire set. When a group can enjoy the time and work, to get where they want to be, it makes seeing them more enjoyable and has us hoping they succeed to their goal.

Full Friday Pilots Club gallery below:

In 2017, based in Southern California, Fencer, a trio Rock band was formed. In my honest opinion, this group gave me a huge Sweet vibe, just in a harder rock form. Singer and lead guitarist, Field Cate has a very distinct tone in his voice which gives this group a more unique aspect. Bassist, Scott Sauvé made his mark in a leaf printed suit jacket, but not long after needing to take it off from an outgoing performance. Cameron Sauvé, drummer, the entire time was enjoying himself, with huge smiles to the crowd and fellow band mates. These Los Angeles residents showed that they could keep up in their hometown any day. This group was noticed by Josh Katz of Badflower, which makes their performance at the El Rey Theater that much more amazing. They already had a fan, apart from the fans within the crowd. They performed their most popular song Junebug, and the crowd had no issues keeping up with this fast paced song. They kept their energy up, which is all a crowd could ask for, and because of that, the fans gave just as much energy back.

Full Fencer gallery below:

Badflower, an American Rock band from Los Angeles. They formed in 2013 and even had their first indie release leading into 2014. Within this group we have, lead vocalist/guitarist Josh Katz, lead guitarist/back-up vocals Joey Morrow, bassist Alex Espiritu, and drummer Anthony Sonetti. This group has been going strong for six years and is continuing to demonstrate how much a band can impact people within their music. The lyrics in most of their songs, can hit a certain emotion within the listener. They express certain topics that most would not be comfortable with opening up about, but they let it be known that it’s okay. Their music is personal, and that is proven with the fan base they have. People really understand the lyrics and it helps them express their own emotions. Badflower has shown that with mental illness and other situations, you can move forward from it, rather than let it stop you. This concert was based around the debut of their album OK, I’M SICK, which hit number one on the Alternative iTunes chart, the hour it was released. The group couldn’t have been more grateful and loving for everyone who supported the release. The El Rey Theater was completely sold out for this event. Josh was very emotional about how the day went before the concert started, explaining that there were tears of joy throughout the day. They played songs like, Heroin, Ghost, and Drop Dead, but the thing that made this show more special was when they started playing songs from their just released album. We all got to witness their live performance with their new songs for the first time. If there is one thing that I can tell you, it’s that this band sounds exactly like their soundtracks live. I personally cannot wait to see how far Badflower will go; they have become one of my favorites.

Full Badflower gallery below:

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