Doyle and Scurvy Kids Bring Holiday Horror to the Whisky

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

Christmas time is a time where families come together and enjoy each other’s company during the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. For us metalheads, we actually prefer in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll to remind us that heavy metal is the gift that keeps on giving, which Doyle was willing to give us. The master of the horror punk genre has made his way back the famous Whisky on the Sunset Strip for another night of delightful terror. During the evening, there was a list of local acts that came to give their version on yuletide cheer, but I only got to see one of them, Scurvy Kids. Tis the season to be headbanging and throw your horns in the air. Let our version of caroling commence.

I saw Scurvy Kids earlier this year at the Whisky with Doyle. What I remember was I was not very impressed with their performance at the time. Well, this time around, they improved significantly with their sound and performance. They are fronted by singer Ben Anguiano, who also works security for the famous dive. He has this in-your-face attitude that every punk singer should. He does not have the most powerful voice, but he makes it count and blows the fans away with his presence. The guitar duo of Mason Lloyd and Brandon Jatico was better than the last time, and Nicole Vigueria keeps the pace in tact perfectly while on the bass. One of their newest members, drummer Christian Leyva, was the catalyst for the band’s sound. Ever since he joined, Scurvy Kids have gotten faster and more together with songs like “Under One,” “World Up My Ass,” “Get Off My Back,” “Cyco Vision,” “Gimme,” “Live Fast,” “Lucky?,” and “Unknown.” Scurvy Kids still have some ways to go, but as long as they keep going at the speed they are at, I believe they may headline the Whisky one day if they have not already.

Full Scurvy Kids gallery below:

Doyle descends from the stairs, and smacks the fans with the screeching “Kiss Me As We Die.” I enjoy the way he plays the guitar, sometimes slapping the strings with aggression to give that scary feel. Also, he is in his 50s and is buffed out like crazy with his devil-lock hair falling in front of his face. Frontman Alex Story, aka Wolfman, is still a howling sight for sore eyes. Branding his famous muttonchops, Wolfman screamed and sung his bloody lungs out, reminding the fans that each song is sort of like a love song, so we could dance to it if we want. Bassist Brandon Strate and drummer Wade Murff ravaged the harmonies and rhythms of each of the horrific tunes Doyle has penned. It has been an extremely busy and exciting couple of years for the group ever since they dropped their 2017 smash hit, Doyle II: As We Die. A combination of punk rock and metal with a horror twist, Christmas never sounded more frightening then it did with songs like “Beast Like Me,” “Cementerysexxx,” “Land of the Dead,” “Blood on the Axe,” “Show No Mercy,” “DreamingDeadGirls,” “Dark Gods Arise,” and “Night of Sin.” Drenched in a lot of sweat, Wolfman would jump onto the tall speakers and woo the fans. He can make scary look attractive.

Full Doyle gallery below:

Tis the season to be jolly and menacing that night. This marks the 4th time I have seen Doyle in 2 years, and he is still fun to watch. Scurvy Kids took some big steps, and I find myself liking them a lot more. I even got to see my old colleague from my Center Stage days, Jaide Alicia Soto, who was the merch girl for this tour. Plus, Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd of the Butcher Babies stopped by to lend their support. It was a very Merry Christmas for us metalheads that night. To Doyle and Scurvy Kids, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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