Album Review: Charming Liars, Thought, Flesh and Bones

By Stephanie Stevens

When music catches your ears to many, it has certain qualities that make intrigue you. For me, an alluring and satisfying vocalist that has an interesting flair sets my heart ablaze, and then they add passionate lyrics, which have me sold.

Charming Liars were first introduced to me by a Spotify playlist. The bands single, “SOUL,” was played to me, and within the first 30 seconds, that voice did me in. The words were visually displaying, and that soothing beautiful vocal pattern made me want to hear more. All of a sudden, that chorus just explodes, wanting you to feel that positivity; inviting the happiness we all might be losing in this day and age. Once that song was introduced to me, I followed the London and now Los Angeles based band known as Charming Liars.

The band set out to release single songs for the past year but with Thought, Flesh and Bone, they have integrated all the singles and added some new tracks into a powerful, alternative pop electronic piece of artistry.

“LIKE A DRUG” is probably a 2nd favorite of mine because, yet again, Kiliyan Maguire’s voice just engulfs into your soul. This tune is more daring, seductive and alluring but the overall song is just catchy as hell, moody and intriguing.

“OCEAN” delves into the more dance electric type ambiance. Higher energy, real poppy, and a fun song.

“SPIRAL OUT” keeps with the more techy electronic engagement but it has that rock sounding illusion that keeps the song protected and multi-leveled.

“DEEPER” is just captivating and showcases more of the vocal side of things.

“NOVACAINE” has a flair of 1990s soundscapes but then slowly follows into a more melodic, sweet lullaby like feeling.

“INSOMNIA” is purely fascinating from the combo of rock, synth-like pop flair, and yet again, Maguire’s voice is just so smooth and captivating.

“SOMETHING DARK” is a force of nature. Not sure how to explain the alluring qualities of the mood shifts of this track. It might just be the case of just clicking the button and listening to it because this song has me hooked.

All and all, if you love the sounds of eclectic feelings, pop uplifting elements, and a little alternative rock roots to make it all come together like perfection, then Charming Liars is the band for you.

Track Listing

1). Alive
2). Like A Drug
3). Ocean
4). Something Dark
5). Insomnia
6). Soul
7). Running Away
8). Deeper
9). Spiral Out
10). Time To Start
11). Novacaine

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