Album Review: L.A. Guns, The Devil You Know/Interview with Phil Lewis

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

The Devil You Know is L.A. Guns upcoming album, and it fucking rips, man. A nice next step after the awesome album The Missing Peace. Soundwise, it is like the debut album mixed with Hollywood Vampires and the first Brides Of Destruction record. Angry, sleazy, sexy, dark, and intense.

The album kicks off with the punky Rage, a powerful tune raw with Phils’ amazing vocals. musically it is reminiscent of Brides Of Destruction. Such a great start to the record. Balls out rock with a great hook.

Stay Away has such a great groove, similar to Malaria. Tracii’s riffs are always top notch and this is a prime example. The production is raw in a good way, it’s not to polished and truly sounds like rock should. A face melting solo. Fuck I missed these dudes. Phil is sounding fantastic.

Loaded Bomb starts off a bit bluesy, and just kicks so much ass. It rocks hard and punches you in the face with intensity and attitude, but also makes ya wanna groove or fuck. it’s got that groove, that swagger. After the slide solo, it quiets down a little building back up to an explosive fuckin chorus.

The title track The Devil You Know starts off with a fucking awesome almost doomy sounding riff. Sounds very Sabbath like with a bit of Zeppelin. This record is a bit darker than The Missing Peace. Given the state of the world at the moment, it fits. It goes into a waltzy slower heavier riff that sounds like something off the first Sabbath record. Holy fuck dude.

Needle To The Bone is classic punky rockin L.A. Guns. A great, fun headbanger with a great riff.

Going High has another groovy fucking riff. Fantastic vocals and the whole band is firing on all fuckin cylinders.

Gone Honey could have been on Hollywood Vampires. Has such a mellow rockin vibe. Such a chill good song.

Don’t Need To Win is another balls out banger. Equally punk and hard rock. Chock full of sleaze and attitude. Fucking hell they never missed a beat and lost absolutely nothing in time.

Down That Hole starts with a drumbeat as the guitars kick in. Definitely a Zeppelin vibe here musically. Phils voice is that of a seductive vampyre, drawing you in with dark beauty.

Another Season In Hell starts with some enchanting dark vibey guitar work. Phils voice is so passionate and is best expressed here. A powerful ballad that’s not wimpy at all. The melodies are mesmerizing If this song doesn’t get under your skin and give you chills, then you are not human.So full of emotion and pain.

Boom closes the record in total balls out rock n roll abandon. Hard, dirty, and fast. Fuckin aye, man. As a long time fan, this record does not disappoint at all.

Track Listing

1. “Rage”
2. “Stay Away”
3. “Loaded Bomb”
4. “The Devil You Know”
5. “Needle to the Bone”
6. “Going High”
7. “Gone Honey”
8. “Don’t Need to Win”
9. “Down That Hole”
10. “Another Season in Hell”
11. “Boom”


L.A. Guns new album The Devil You Know comes out the March 29, the follow up to last years The Missing Peace. Phil Lewis, longtime frontman, kept the band going when Tracii left, but now they’ve joined forces yet again to amazing results.

On 3/20/19, I had the honour of interviewing Phil. Warm and charming, he answers honestly and candidly. We spoke about the new record, the early days of the band, and going farther back to his start in the late 70s, and also the astrology chart of Gemini in asparagus rising.

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