Soulfly and Incite Cause Metal Chaos In La Santa

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

Max Cavalera is one of the fiercest and most aggressive heavy metal superstars today. With countless records made and a legion of fans by his side, he is unstoppable. 2 of his sons, Richie and Zyon, are following in his footsteps. Zyon has joined his dad’s group, Soulfly, in 2015 as their newest drummer, wreaking havoc on the kit wherever he goes. Richie is fronting his own metal group, Incite, and they are on the fast pace to metal glory. Both Soulfly and Incite have just released new albums, Ritual and Built to Destroy, respectively. To celebrate their latest creations, both groups embarked on the Ritual Tour, and causing chaos along the way. On February 26th, they made a stop in Santa Ana, Calif. Originally, they were supposed to perform at Marty’s Bar in Tustin, but they changed it to the La Santa Modern Cantina. It was held in the basement, where it became a dungeon for mosh pitters. Opening for the group was Thrown Into Exile.

After Witchhaven wrapped up their set (we missed them), Thrown Into Exile hit the stage. They were actually one of the openers for Soulfly when they came through Santa Ana 2 years ago at the Observatory. They were viciously brutal on the stage. Their new frontman Joey Dalo is one mean son of a bitch when he gets his hands on the microphone. He is throwing out harsh screams and spiting/spraying water into the fans, and they are loving every moment of it. The crowd threw their fists in the air for the righteous guitar playing by the riff masters Mario Rubio and Ray Sanchez. The blend of metalcore and thrash metal shook the foundations of the La Santa to its core with their bone-shattering tunes like “Beyond the Gray,” “The Wronged,” “The Mourning,” “Idol of One,” and “Declination.” It was great seeing Thrown Into Exile open for Soulfly once again. It was sort of like a reunion for the groups. I am still waiting on a new album from them, which I am sure should be heading our way soon

Full Thrown Into Exile gallery below:

Following Thrown Into Exile was Phoenix’s own Incite. Just like the title of the new record suggests, Richie was built to destroy the fans eardrums with his spine-tingling screams. He put on a raucous performance as frontman, while Dru “tang” Rome whiplashed us with his tenacious guitar licks and sheering solos. Ever since he took over lead guitar for Kevin McAllister, tang has been soaring and killing it on guitar. Christopher “EL” Elsten was a savage on the bass, and drummer Derek Lennon Lopez continues to go postal on the kit, hammering down vicious bangs and crashes. It has been a couple years, but I felt this was Incite’s best show yet in Orange County. For a huge portion of their performance, they played material off their new album, which included “Backbone,” “Leech,” “Resistance,” “Ruthless Ways,” “Savior Self,” and the title track. They did play a handful of their older stuff, and the fans created the circle of death for them. Incite kicked ass, and Richie is just like his father; full of rage and insistence that makes a frontman in heavy metal.

Full Incite gallery below:

After a brief set change, Soulfly marched to stage and kicked the show into overdrive, starting with “The Summoning.” They dropped their critically acclaimed album last fall, Ritual, and the metalheads at La Santa were craving tunes from the record. Max was as bombastic as he always has been. With his long, dreadlock hair and spiked denim vest, he gave a monstrous performance both on the mic and guitar. While Max was laying down ferocious riffs, lead axe man Marc Rizzo was laying down fiery solos, going into full-blown rapid fire mode. Zyon is coming into his own as an awesome drummer ever since appearing on 2013’s Savage. The accuracy and swiftness of his fills are balls to the wall carnage. Mike Leon wailed it on the bass with sheer ferocity. Soulfly gave us a good mixture of death, thrash and groove metal that gave our necks whiplash from all the headbanging we were doing. From “Under Rapture” to “Bleed / Plata o Plomo,” “Prophecy,” “Dead Behind the Eyes,” “Babylon,” “Back to the Primitive,” and “No,” Soulfly was full of metal righteousness. Max even gave us a taste of Motörhead with “Ace of Spades,” where I am sure the spirit of Lemmy was wailing it on a bass. During “Jumpdafuckup / Eye for an Eye,” metal ambassador Jose Mangin hoped on the stage and shared vocal duties with his old pal Max. The wrapped up the evening with the Ozzy Osbourne classic, “Crazy Train,” where Rizzo nails the guitar licks made famous by the late great Randy Rhoades.

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La Santa turned into a war zone with metalheads ramming into each other with brutal force. Soulfly and Incite nailed their sets, and Thrown Into Exile has found their groove with their newest frontman. I felt that La Santa was a better fit for the bands instead of Marty’s Bar, it felt more metal. It has been a wet February, but the night heated up with some rancorous thrash and groove metal. Incite is now off to Europe with Septic Flesh, while Soulfly will be conquering the festival circuit in Europe. To Soulfly, Incite, and Thrown Into Exile, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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