Album Review: Shallow Side, Saints & Sinners

By Stephanie Stevens

Shallow Side caught my attention back in 2016 when they won Best New Artist by Loudwire. The band comes from Alabama and consists of a bunch of musicians who just have the passion, love and dedication to write, record and create a dynamic show for their fans. Just from following them, they care and appreciate everyone that supports and enjoys the rock music they love making.

The addiction I have to songs like “CAN YOU HEAR ME,” “TRY TO FIGHT IT,” and the Styx cover of “RENEGADE” has made me a huge fan, and I was overly excited to finally enjoy new music when the group’s latest album, Saints & Sinners, landed in my mailbox.

The guys begin the album with a song called “REVIVAL” that is jaw dropping and refreshing to hear from them. That old-school, down south rock vibe jabs you right from the beginning. That low bass vocal just pulls you in. But that rock vibe is potent and shows they can change it up and get down ‘n’ dirty when needed. I think an opener like this just breathes a new light for the fans of this band.

“SAINTS & SINNERS” continues the southern rock attitude and just oozes with melodic beauty and so much good ‘n’ lively rock attitude.

“SOUND THE ALARM” the band’s first single is sassy, sultry and wins you over with charm. You will be addicted to the melodic driven antics.

“TEMPTATIONS” is soulful, and the playful vocal patterns just takes the track to new heights. I knew vocalist Eric Boatright had depth and talent, but in this song, he showcases diversity and perfection throughout.

“NO MORE” has guitar sass! It is pumped with hard rock grit and at times, pulled me back into a 80s soundscape, but then bungees you back into modern rock world. Love the energy and the playfulness from the musical ambience to the vocal patterns.

With “NOT ALONE,” give me piano and a voice like this, then you have the beauty in a ballad Shallow Side hits a homerun with this. Delicate and pretty, with an air of soft rock ambience. Two thumbs up you Southern gentleman!

Lastly, my favorite song off this album is called “HALLEJUJAH.” You want attitude? You want rock n roll creativity? You want stripped down rock n roll? Do you need melody that drives you to get up and move? This song is just a straight forward, beautiful ball of fuck yea!! Words don’t do enough justice; you just gotta hit play and feel it in your soul.

Shallow Side is rock n roll, they are a band that leaves their hearts on the stage every night. They write real music with real meanings and just encompasses the future of rock n roll.

Track Listing

1. Revival
2. Saints & Sinners
3. Sound The Alarm
4. Temptations
5. No More
6. Not Alone
7. Hallejujah

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