Cradle of Filth @ Cone Denim Entertainment Theatre in Greensboro, NC

By Out with Ambler

The flowers are in bloom. The trees are awakening. It may be Spring in Greensboro, N.C. but tonight we welcome the dark and macabre to the Cone Denim Center.

Raven Black, fronted by a half human, half doll started the show with their twisted “metal circus”. These misfits took their guests for the evening through a tour of their most wicked works, while finishing off the journey with their latest offering “Carnival”.

Full Raven Black gallery below:

A ghoulish Wednesday 13 now takes the stage to offer their Condolences to those who are in attendance for tonight’s interment. Their nefarious performance also included songs from albums Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague and The Dixie Dead.

Full Wednesday 13 gallery below:

Cradle Of Filth now appears to the audience in a dark yet beautiful English Gothic setting. The atmosphere fits well with the mood of the music. One could almost feel they were attending a play, a musical, due to the lyrical content and the raw emotion from the Cradle Of Filth performed songs off the new Cryptoriana as well as Nymphetamine, Midian and more.

Full Cradle of Filth gallery below:

I highly recommend attending this tour and seeing any of these three bands live whenever possible, as each band is outstanding in their own right.

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