Fever 333 Turns Up the Heat At the Regent

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

When Matt and I attended All That Remains’ show in Santa Ana last month that was one of the craziest shows I have ever been to. There were endless bashing and crashing of bodies in the circle of death, and a parade of fans stage diving non-stop during Attila’s set. I have seen my fair share of intense moshing and chaotic crowd surfing, but nothing quite like that. However, that all changed when the Regent turned into a madhouse for rap fans and metal freaks. The venue recently played host to rap core trio Fever 333. I have been hearing wild things about this group from Inglewood, who’s aggressive and socially conscious nature along with their hardcore/hip-hop sound has been grabbing the music world by the balls. Recently, they were nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Performance, which says a lot about their talent. Fever 333 has now dropped their debut album through Roadrunner Records, Strength in Numb333rs, and just finished a major arena tour with Bring Me the Horizon. Now, they embark on their own headlining tour, with their first stop being in L.A. There would be no openers, just Fever 333 looking to cause a rock ‘n’ roll riot.

The venue was packed to the brim with fans. The last time I saw this place packed was when Nothing More made their presence known last year. We waited for almost an hour beyond the start time, so it safe to assume we were getting a little anxious. Then, at about 9:15, the room goes dark, and a film showing riots and protests was shown on the white curtain. Next thing you know, a roadie walks to the stage, rips the curtain down, and Fever 333 goes postal with “Burn It.” This band as an amazing stage presence that is chaotic, hostile, and lively. If you were to throw Living Colour in a blender with Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Hollywood Undead, you get Fever 333. Frontman Jason Aalon Butler is a rap-screaming lunatic who brings a message of awareness and looks to squash negativity. Guitarist Stephen Harrison jumps and vaults across the stage while performing intense riffs. He constantly switches between guitar and bass, making him a double threat. He is like Flea and Scott Ian rolled into one. The drums were blasted with potency by Aric Improta. Together, they grabbed the bull by the horns and threw it down without mercy.

A huge mosh pit was formed in the center of the room, with fans bombarding each other mercilessly to Fever 333’s songs. Butler speaks to the crowd about ending intolerance and that America is a home for everyone, as we heard in the Grammy nominated “Made an America.” After they crushed “Animal,” each member grabbed a drum kit and threw down a metalcore/hardcore style drum off with a beatbox flow. They have just entered the area that Nothing More is known for. Fever 333 debuted 2 songs live for the first time, “Am I Here?” and “Inglewood/3,” which was dedicated to the late hip-hop artist Nipsey Hussle, who was murdered 2 weeks ago. I never heard of Nipsey or his music, but it is still tragic the way he left us, and Fever 333 gave him the respect he had earned. When they went into “Prey for Me,” Butler grabbed the guitar and gave a melodic riff to go along Harrison’s aggressive licks. Following “Out of Control,” they headed in the back for quick breather before finishing off the L.A. scene with “We’re Coming In” and “Hunting Season.” For “Hunting Season,” Blink-182 drumming wizard Travis Barker made an appearance and slayed it on the kit. Ironically, he helped with the drumming on that song when it was first recorded.

Full Fever 333 gallery below:

I do not know the origin of their name. If I had to guess why they are called Fever 333, it would say because they are 3 guys who turn the heat up to triple digits with their music, which is fever territory. I was feeling the smoldering heat from all the bodies in the venue. Moshing and stage diving, Fever 333 never cooled down the whole night. These guys bring rap core to a new level of creativity. Dubbed the Demonstration Tour, they demonstrated what they are made of. We plan on catching them again this summer when they tour with Korn and Alice in Chains. To Fever 333, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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