Rachel Lorin Lights Up The Whisky

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

Going to see the debut of new music from up-and-coming artists is usually a special event. It gives me and the fans a chance to see what they are up to, and how it will be different from what they have done before. That was the case for a hard rocking songstress Rachel Lorin. Having listened to her previous tunes, she has a lot of hard rock flair and style. I actually met her at the Heavy Metal Hall of History ceremony during NAMM weekend, and she had me intrigued. She is about ready to introduce to the world her newest album, Worship the Unbroken. What makes this album unique is that it is a departure from her hard rock roots into the world of alternative rock. She wanted to celebrate it by playing a couple of shows a week apart on both coasts. The first one she did, which Matt and I went to, was at the Whisky a-Go Go on April 3rd, a place where she loves to perform at. A lot of her fans and family came to witness something special, and that is what she delivered.

The stage has a rose statue in front of the microphone, with rose alters surrounding the ends of the stage. The music kicks in, Rachel Lorin walks down the stairs full of fire and beauty, and she gets things going with “Hallelujah.” She was wearing a sparkly spandex/jumpsuit with a glittery bustier sticking out. That look was like a cross between David Lee Roth and Selena (Quintanilla, not Gomez. LOL). Her voice was amazing and hypnotic, it was like a siren drawing you in to the sweet melodies. I will admit, I was skeptical at first because alternative rock is not like it used to be in the 1990s, but she has been able to find that balance with hard rock and just a touch of electronica. Her band is filled with very talented individuals, wailing with pride and attitude. Her guitarist, Federico Navarro, looks like Chris Daughtry, but he plays like Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction. Also, I was digging the groovy, heavy beats that bassist Ben White was throwing at us, while keyboardist Sven Martin ruled on the harmonious rhythms. Each member nailed their roles.

Throughout the night, Lorin danced the night away and gave the fans something they have not heard from her before. Like I mentioned before, she has this good mix of alternative and hard rock that I was really digging. With her voice, she can go between soft spoken and aggressive when she needs to. The songs that she performed are all going to be featured on Worship the Unbroken, and I feel they all come from someplace personal. That is what I like about songwriters, taking something personal, whether it something good or bad, and sharing it with the world. I feel that Lorin gave us a glimpse into her life, and we are more enlightened for it. From “Crazy House” to “Gold,” “No More,” “Under My Skin,” “Messed Up,” “My Favorite Things,” “Cut You Off,” and “Funeral,” there was something for everyone. While playing “Funeral,” she went upstairs for a breather, letting drummer Stephen Haaker hammer out a kick ass solo. Afterwards, Lorin emerges in a black schoolgirl-like outfit that Wednesday Adams would wear, and performed a very well done cover of the Muse’s “Uprising.” At first, I did not recognize it, but once they went into the chorus, that was it for me. They ended the night with a bang with “Problem Now” and “Worship.”

Full Rachel Lorin gallery below:

It was a good night at the Whisky to hear a whole new album being played in its entirety live. It would have been nice to hear older stuff like “I Hate You” and “It’s In Me,” but the new songs she played have a lot of zing. If anything, I think Lady Gaga, Lzzy Hale, and Taylor Swift better watch out because Rachel Lorin is coming to take their crowns. I cannot wait to get my hands on Worship the Unbroken, and you Uncivil Revolters should as well. To Rachel Lorin, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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  1. I love me some Rachel Lorin , she’s the bomb.com…that girl knows her stuff and isn’t afraid to use it, there’s nothing she won’t try at least once, hahaha… the best of luck to you baby, well you got skills plenty of them just keep working them I’m so happy for you, Rock the roof off girlfriend, I love you Rachel sending much love you’re bigger and brighter future, hugs to you

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