Album Review: Comatose Vigil AK, Evangelium Nihil

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

Evangelium Nihil is the debut of funeral doom band Comatose Vigil AK from the country of Georgia, a dark, symphonic piece to solitude and despair. Crushingly heavy both in musical style and atmosphere. With guitars and lead vocals done by David Unsaved, also from funeral doom band Ennui, this is definitely a piece of beautiful art.

Title track Evangelium Nihil starts us off with a very disturbing synth like siren sounding, before the fog ridden guitars and witch hammer like drums plunge the knife deep into the heart. The growls are anguish personified. Very fantastic musicianship here. If the apocalypse had a soundtrack, this would be it. The music drops mid way and gives an eerie radio tuning to stations of nothing but static and frequency sounds, as the haunting choir in the back as a eerie distorted voice speaks softly, most unnerving but enthralling. And then it all kicks back in like a hammer to the face. You can feel the cold depths of total isolating despair from the music.

Comatose Vigil begins with some heavy winds and a humming synth, permeating funeral fog over a valley as bright skies turn to dark grey. It gets louder and louder, slowly, ominously. The guitars, drums, and bass kick in, slowly bringing a vortex of eternal peril. So brooding and damning, but yet, so inviting. The vocals are so full of anguish, hard to capture in growls, but well done here. The musical soundscapes are breath taking.

Deus Sterilis begins with such a slow, heavy uncomfortable riff, literally suffocating atmosphere. Passionate growls here, conviction in the voice. The aura of this track is especially grotesque and morbid, haunting as well. Sends shivers up the spine. Such amazing textures. The cascading synth with the slow, crushing riffs is incendiary.

The Day Heaven Fell closes the album with the most anguish, torment laden song on the album. The soft ambient synth notes at the beginning are enough to evoke sorrow and death in the mind of anyone. It is a funeral dirge for the mourning of the end of the world, sonically speaking. Dense, plague ridden, diseased atmosphere with the heavy riffs and death bell hammer like drums and the church crumbling tone of the bass just create an atmosphere of pure desecration and agonizing death. The album has amazing flow and soundscapes. Not for the faint of heart.

Track listing

1. Evangelium Nihil
2. Comatose Vigil
3. Deus Sterilis
4. The Day Heaven Fell

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