Album Review: Motionless in White, Disguise

By Stephanie Stevens

Since MOTIONLESS IN WHITE made a name for themselves with the album REINCARNATE. I have loved the ambiance and vocals of singer Chris Motionless and whoever knows me knows I’m a vocal and lyrical snob.

The boys in MIW are not recreating the wheel when it comes to new genres or approaches of musical direction but how they handle the sound they have come to be known for and incorporating musical influences into the bands work, I find it works well for them since the bands inception because they still have there standout vibe people have grown to know and love, and well it’s been working so why change it.

So. I was over the moon to know that Disguise, the bands 5th release was released. Some of the music community might say the guys have ripped off sounds of other bands of this day and age and are they recycling and I say NO and NO and hell no. Yea, throughout this album your going to here slight directions of musical heroes Korn, Slipknot, and Zombie. But lets get real the guys in MIW do have their own sound. So on that note but first listen to Disguise was mesmerized and I pretty much thought it was perfection. It was a very complete listen from start to finish and hammered every element this band is known for. It bleeds with chaotic metal riffs, synth and electronic soundscapes, melody driven ambiance. Vocal patterns that are delicate to the touch and deranged as fuck.

HEADACHE is my favorite song off the album. That eerie ambiance, surrounded with metal anguish and melody driven chorus and envelopes everything with a synth sounding blanket. Plus the song lyrically is like Chris came into my brain to hear my thoughts.

The opening track and album title DISGUISE introduces itself with a haunting lullaby ambiance and stabs you with some delicious metal penetration. This song is also the bands first single and video and it platforms the band so well because in this one tracks it incorporates everything that is MIW 

Another favorite for me is the track BROADCASTING FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE: DEATH INC. and I think the biggest reason is it gives off a huge Rob Zombie feel and well come on that soundscape is addicting and truly high impact to any listener. The song is just really energized, creative and catchy as hell.

HOLDING ON TO SMOKE showcases the delicate ambiance of Chris. CATHARSIS is another one of those tracks that brings out the alluring melodic singing and vocal attributes he encompasses.
BRAND NEW NUMB is feisty, groove oriented with sass and fierceness

I could go on and one with every track on this album because for me its just that good. But overall MOTIONLESS IN WHITE has a musical palette that people adore and look up to. They have been a prominent mainstream metal act for the past decade that brings songs to life with pain, hope, relate-able struggles with a hint and glimpse of solution for the many fans who follow and adore them.

Disguise is well honed, giving you sing along anthems, melody driven beautiful chaos and is going to give MIW the push they need to reach the next goals and dreams of their future.

Track Listing

1. Disguise
2. Headache
3. < /cOde>
4. Thoughts & Prayers
5. Legacy
6. Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride
7. Holding on to Smoke
8. Another Life
9. Broadcasting From Beyond the Grave: Death Inc.
10. Brand New Numb
11. Catharsis

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