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By Stephanie Stevens

Are you looking for a band who’s passionately and powerful music will motivate you to make change in your life. Or do you enjoy seeing a talented bunch of guys taking the bulls by the horn as a DIY band and still having success like some major signed acts?? Then if you have not set your eardrums on the Lansing, MI band HEARTSICK. Then you are missing out on so much happiness in your life.

The band has been around for over 20 years and are as fierce and Intense as when they began and had the excitement of making music for the first time.

The band has grown artistry wise through the years and the bands latest disc SLEEP CYCLES is monumental. The aggressiveness, the hi impact and energy swerving in out of songs. The chant along choruses and the diversity being more elaborate throughout this disc is attention worthy.

I had the ability to catch up for a quick chat with Alfonso Civile to find out about the band name change. Being a unsigned band these days and how the band has kept it together for so long.

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Instagram: @heartsickband

When you guys were thinking if new names to rename the band what made “HEARTSICK” come about and do you feel the name is profound for how much hardships are going around the world these days?

We had been thinking of changing the band name from Know Lyfe for years. It wasn’t till the death of our drummer Matt that we finally agreed it was time. He hated the old name and we thought this would be a great way to honor him and also somewhat always have a joke with him. The name came about from conversations and was actually a name our management at the time had written down. We thought it sounded cool and would connect on a deeper level with everyone. I think now more than ever it is capable of being more profound because of the times we live in.

Being in and around the scene for 20 years now how do you guys keep it going for so long there a secret or is it just pure love of creating?

We love creating! We are all best friends and honestly I am pretty sure all of us at this point would be lost without this band. Our passion for this gets bigger every day. It is fun, we love doing it and love making heavy metal.

You released SLEEP CYCLES this year. How was the writing process for this one compared to your last disc?

A lot different. We wrote like 23 or 24 songs for it. First time we ever wrote songs on a computer and not stuck in a room together for 4 days lol.

Off the 9 song disc what song do you feel was a track that gave you the most growth musically for all of you and why?

Shadow. That song really shows the growth of the band and our ability to try and separate our selves from a pretty basic song formula.

Off the disc for me SLAVE LABOR is epic track. How do you view that track and what gets you fired up about the song?

Love that song. Being the lyricist of the band it means a whole lot more because I am constantly trying to push my self and not write about the same things everyone writes about. That song is pretty deep and talks about the slave trade and mentality of slaves in that setting. The thing that really fires me up about it, is the story it tells in the music. It gradually builds and when it gets really heavy it is like an explosion.

Along with the albums you guys tend to throw out singles here and there. Do you find in a world of social media where things are forgotten so easily the single route for bands is safer to do then full discs?

I don’t think a full length will ever die and it shouldn’t. I think right now, the world is just trying to catch up to technology but we will and like anything else it will all sort of fall into place. Singles are fun but I don’t think that is the only format bands should operate in.

You guys are still not signed…correct?

Yes that is correct. We have mainly remained an independent band in every sense of the term lol. It has not been by choice either. People think that we have some bone to pick with the music industry and I mean I have written lyrics about my frustrations with it in the past but it does not mean that we are against it etc.

Do you feel you are content with no label or what is holding up a partnership. Because you guys are damn good to go without?

For a long time, I my self felt pretty jaded about it. I feel that we are an incredibly talented band that has proved everyone wrong time and time again and maybe I am being bias because I am in the band. These days I can’t get hung up on that, it is what it is. Label home or not we are going to keep pushing because at the end of the day it is what we love to do and if we have to shut every doubter in the room from here to Antarctica then so be it.

You did a small tour a little bit ago. How did that go?

Was awesome. Always fun. We do a lot of little 4 or 3 day runs because they just work better with our current life schedules and we love touring so we get it where can get it in.

What’s next for you guys tour wise?

Ooooof, let’s see we got a small tour with our buddies in Sun and Flesh from NYC and that is from June 13-16. Then we leave for about 9 days out on the road with some friends in a band called Lumen and that is from July 13-21st. Then we got a 2 week tour in August with a band people know but we can’t announce yet lol.

Are you already writing new stuff?

We are. We actually have 5 finished songs for a new record and I expect we will be in the studio till the end of the year hashing out songs for a hopeful new release in 2020.

What motivates you to write?

Everything. Everything in life is motivation for something. I really feel like the only road blocks we have in life are in our minds. The rest are complicated problems that have resolutions that we have to work through to get completed.

What inspires you as a musician?

Honestly what inspires me the most is the thought of creating something awesome from nothing. That feeling is not one that can be matched.

What do you hope the band will leave as a memory for music fans once everything is said and done?

Hmm I would say a great catalog of songs and lasting memories with anyone who came in contact with us

Any last comments?

Don’t fit in. Fitting in is boring. Stand out.

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