New Years Day is Unbreakable And Diamante is Comin’ in Hot at the Chain

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

It is no secret Uncivil Revolt that the Chain Reaction music club in Anaheim is not one of my favorite spots to catch a show. It is small, dingy, and it does not have the greatest sound quality. Also, for a time, they did not service alcohol because it was marked as an “all ages” establishment. Well, now the venue has been bought by Live Nation and now the beer is flowing in the club. More big acts are sure to stop by, one of which did on June 14th. New Years Day, Orange County’s favorite alternative/Gothic metal band, was back with a new hit album, Unbreakable. Being locals in the Anaheim scene, Ash Costello and her squad wanted to grace the Anaheim crowd for their upcoming tour. So Rabit, Rockaholic, and Kendra headed over. Playing with them on this was the blue-haired rock diva Diamante and Savage After Midnight (who we did not get to see). Both groups are coming in hot to start the weekend.

Once Savage After Midnight finished up their set, it was time to hear pop rock that has an injection of steroids. Diamante rocked the night away with her blue hair and black leather pants, looking like she born to be a rock star. Besides her looks, it was her voice and rebellious attitude that drew to her. She has a prevailing and smooth voice that could kick Kate Perry right in the balls. Lead guitarist Jacob Stibble was razor sharp on the lead guitar licks, which sounded clean and crisp. Rhythm man Dre Dimura, looking flamboyantly gorgeous in his drag getup, nailed each melodic riff that is a cross between hard rock and pop. He blends both sounds very nicely. Ever since she released her debut album last year, Comin’ In Hot, Diamante has been conquering the rock world. From “Kind of Love” to “Bite Your Kiss,” “Haunted,” “Sleepwalking,” “Black Heart,” “I’m Sorry,” “Coming In Hot,” Bad Wolves cover “Hear Me Now” (which she did a duet version with Tommy Vext), and “War Cry,” she never let up once. I have been meaning to see her live with her group, and now I know they are just as good live as they are on record. Diamante will be back in Irvine late this summer with Breaking Benjamin, continuing to come in hot.

Full Diamante gallery below:

It has been over a year since seeing them in Las Rageous, and New Years Day once again comes home to Anaheim, kicking things off with “Come for Me.” Ash, dressed like a cross between Harley Quinn and Wednesday Adams, ravaged the microphone with her sinister voice that is both sweet and venomous. While rhythm guitarist Nikki Misery laid down the pipe with the group’s deadly melodic riffs, lead axe man Austin Ingerman installed smoking lead licks that slayed the fans where they stood. During the Pantera cover “Fucking Hostile,” he held his own on the Dimebag Darrell guitar parts. While no one can fully imitate the late guitar legend’s signature style, Ingerman made sure it was close enough. Bassist Frankie Sali rocked the bass beats to the core. New Years Day’s set was mixture of different tunes that was scattered throughout the evening. They did not focus on one particular album, they made sure that most of their records got an equal amount attention. From “Kill or Be Killed” to the Kehlani cover “Gangsta,” “Skeletons,” “Let Me Down,” “Scream,” “Epidemic,” “Shut Up,” “Defame Me,” and “Death of the Party,” the Chain Reaction went off the chain. After some begging, New Years Day returned for one more song, along with a little surprise. Original bassist Eric Seilo and drummer Russell Dixon returned for a reunion moment with “Angel Eyes,” where A Trigger Within frontman Jimmy Trigger joined in for some hellacious screaming. Trigger and Ash had amazing chemistry while performing the group’s iconic song.

Full New Years Day gallery below:

After the night was over, I was feeling unbreakable. I had a case of whiplash from headbanging pretty intensely to Avatar the previous night, but I did not care. The music was too savory to not headbang to. New Years Day came with a kill or be killed attitude and laid of us fans to waste. They are ever evolving and still dominating the stage. Diamante was everything I thought she and her group were live. It was off the hook at the Chain, and the summer season of heavy metal pleasure is just beginning. To New Years Day and Diamante, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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