Album Review: Flaw, VI: Because of the Brave

By Stephanie Stevens

FLAW has evolved and created a new ambitious record in 2019 with VOL IV: BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE. Which is being released on Pavement Entertainment this July 19th. 2019.

Being a band for over 20 years is a battle in itself these days; and Chris Volz vocalist of the band has made it his mission to give the music community the raw, real impactful music that the world needs to hear.

With a new lineup and new creative juices flowing the tracks on this new album captivate you almost instantly. Heavy rock and melodic tones. The signature vocal capacity of Volz has immensely grown through the years and he guides tou through the aggressive punches and humbled soft moments with ease.

The album opens with PERSISTENCE which is a overload of hard, heavy ambiance that embraces sudden moments of melody driven riches

BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE gives the album a pure kick in the gut with its divine patriotic intensity.

WALK THE LINE brings the hard rock melodic vibe throughout.

CONQUER THE CLIMB the bands first single and video shows you in no way has the band stopped the aggressive and penetrating moments and when that lovely impressive vocal patterns drives you through every emotional peak and valley of the song it just shows the overall diversity and talent the band has.

WAKE UP has a jivey upbeat high energy aggressive sway to it. Probably one of my favorite tracks because it just oozes energy.

EVERYTHING the slower track in the album has emotional value and I always love waiting for this type of song by the FLAW guys because lyrically they hit so much reality and personal emotion. Just love the whole vibe of this track.

One other stand out for me on this disc is ON YOUR FEET it so intensified and aggressive that it makes you wanna see the guy kill it on the live show setting.

FLAW impressed the hell out of me in 2001 whe they released THROUGH THE EYES and now in 2019 the guys Chris Volz, Rob Buttorff. Tommy Gibbons and George Octobous has proven when real creative minds come together that magic can happen. Welcome to FLAW 2.0 is going to be a hell of a ride for these guys!!!

Track Listing

1. Persistence
2. Walk the Line
3. Because of the Brave
4. Conquer This Climb
5. Wake Up
6. Sign of the Times
7. Everything
8. Prayer for the Lost
9. On Your Feet
10. Lest We Forget!!!

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