Interview with Emma Garell

By Out With Ambler

A few weekends back I, Out with Ambler, traveled to Richmond, Virginia for a Texas Hippie Coalition show and was blown away by Emma Garell! The following week, I find their brand new music video for Destination Anaheim in my email! Loved it! So, I decided to find out a little bit more about ’em!

*How long have you been singing? Somehow, I get the feeling it’s been since you were a child.

EG:  I started when I was 12 with top 40 and Broadway hits, when I was 14 I started School of Rock and was placed in their Black Sabbath program for my first semester.

*Richmond is such a diverse city. Boasting such legends as GWAR and Lamb Of God hailing from your home town, how do you feel RVA’s vibe has impacted you and your bands’ music?

EG:  Not at all, I don’t fit in with the Richmond music scene.  I feel like my style of music is hard to find here and may be a thing of the past. Most of my friends that are my age are in the folk scene.  It seems the metal scene in RVA is mostly older bands still playing out.

*When I saw you perform at Canal Club you had one heck of an eclectic set list! Tell me a little about the thought process of choosing the tunes you wanted to include with your originals.

EG: I have never thought of it as eclectic but a collection of songs that make sense to my band. But my brain doesn’t always make sense to everyone.  Really our goal is to provide a show with songs that highlight our best skills and qualities…not just for me, but for each of my bandmates while making sure the audience has a fuckin’ good time.

*It seems us East Coast folks are always California dreaming. Let’s hear what the thought process was in writing Destination Anaheim.

EG:  I don’t really like the West Coast, I have learned I am an East Coast gal.  I have visited a few times thinking I would like it. I love Virginia and wouldn’t want to ever leave.  While I did write the song on one of my trips to Orange County…but not to let anyone down but the words just rhymed and CA is where people go to “make it”.


*Please tell us where Emma Garell will be performing this summer! 

EG: Our full band will be performing in Richmond, VA (aka RVA) at

–The Dark Room 7/10,

–The Camel 7/16 with Coagulate from Florida, other locals Tel and Kill the Druid

–Hardywood, RVA 7/26 with Deep Vinyl Groove

Unplugged at a few private parties as well as Crossroads 8/1 with Tony Farris on guitar and a special appearance at Richmondstock at The Burnout Pit on  8/17-18 where I will be trying something new with my producer, Rich Stine…honoring Woodstock of course. We hope to start stretching out towards TN (where our guitarist, Camden, will be at college) in the Fall but you never know what opportunities we may land on still in the RVA area.

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