Adelitas Way and From Zero 2 Hero at the Parish Room

By Sienna

The House of Blues is such a great place for live music and not to mention great food. Which is why this venue is a favorite to many fans and bands. When first arriving to the venue, they set up lines to make entering a lot easier, not only for you, but also for the workers. the wait isn’t very long either, they let a handful of people through at a time which makes things move quicker and safer. Now, once you make into the venue, it’s a good size room with a bar. You can never go wrong with drinks and live music.

From Zero 2 Hero, an amazing Rock band who makes a crowd feel so welcomed while they perform. For the night, we were entertained by Vocalist: Enzo Fuentes, Guitartists: Trevor Arnold and Corey Cade (Backup Vocals as well), Bassist: Andrew Denney, and Drummer Mike “Impact” Mazdiego. Before their set even began, Enzo came onto the stage and noticed a group of kids sitting in the very front and handed each one of them the bands bracelets. It was the sweetest thing to have witnessed. When it came to the performance, this band will not disappoint. I’ve seen them perform two other times at the Slidebar in Fullerton, and they did just as great as they did those times. These members are so fun to watch, because they give so much energy and make the crowd be apart of their set. A lot of bands sell merch, but they also give some away because, why not? Some lucky crowd members we able to get shirts and bracelets during the performance, which I’m sure people were really happy about. These guys really know how to put on a show!

Full From Zero to Hero gallery below:

Adelitas Way, an American Hard Rock Band, formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2006. I’ve personally been a fan of this band for years and they never disappoint! Vocalist: Rick DeJesus, Guitarist/Backup Vocalist: Travis Stanley, Bassist/Backup Vocalist: Andrew Cushing, and Drummer: Trevor “Tre” Stafford. Each member is absolutely amazing, with not only how they perform, but how they interact with fans. Before doors even opened, singer Rick came out and was greeting fans, taking pictures and just being the sweetest person he is to everyone he passed. To see someone who is genuinely a nice person and wants people to have a good time is such a great way to start. I also need to give a huge THANK YOU to drummer/manager Trevor, for approving my opportunity to take photos and review, I’m truly grateful. Now when it comes down to how this group did performance wise, just, wow! They had so much presence on stage that it’s not to be questioned why they have such a supportive fan base. When a band can make a crowd come together and be apart of a show, it makes everyone’s experience that much more fun. Adelitas Way, all I have left to say is, Keep Rocking On!!

Full Adelitas Way gallery below:

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