Illist Drop New Single and Music Video For “What I’ve Never Felt”

Watch the premiere on New Noise Magazine

Virginia based metalcore outfit, Illist has released a new music video and single titled “What I’ve Never Felt“. The band meshes together heavy riffs and catchy vocal melodies with confronting lyrics to bring a new twist to the metal world. Produced and recorded by Zach Jones (My Enemies & I, Afterlife), the track is the fourth to come from Illist.

Vocalist, Micah Elias commented, “‘What I’ve Never Felt’ encapsulates the mind of a person who has spent their entire life wearing the mask of a false identity. They come to the realization that they are no longer happy pretending to be someone they’re not. They then make the difficult yet worthwhile decision to change their reality and to embrace who they truly are regardless of any hate or oppression they may face.”

Stream “What I’ve Never Felt” on Spotify here and watch the new music video below.

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About Illist:

Illist is a metalcore band based in Lynchburg, Virginia. It began in 2017 as the brain child of Cecil Johnson (formerly of BoughtXBlood) and has been through a few iterations before solidifying into the current line-up. The band focuses on many things in regards to their music, but the soul of the band is driven through authenticity. Real lyrics that can be related to and from any background, upbringing, religion, etc. Their first single, “Padlock”, was a very emotional song about Micah’s upbringing within what he thought was religion. Followed up by their next single, “Life Leech”, which talks about anything in a person’s life that can drain them. Whether that is a toxic relationship, a job, faith based ideas, or even just life. With music that the band truly believes and lyrics that are just as deep, something that Illist writes can be related to the listener. “What I’ve Never Felt” is band’s fourth single that bring a new active rock dynamic to their sound, while at the same time staying true to their metalcore roots.


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