Puddle of Mudd Stomps the Fete Music Hall in Providence, RI

By Stephanie Stevens

In the last few years, the Rhode Island music scene has re-emerged with a solid local scene. The promoters have actually been pulling together some amazing shows and festivals. I recently was able to visit one of the all day festivals that Fete Music Hall puts together called the Big Kahuna 4!

This year’s headliner was Kansas City’s alternative rock bad boys Puddle OF Mudd. They are a band that I honestly haven’t seen since they came onto the scene back in 2001/2002 with the debut album COME CLEAN, which festered massive radio friendly hits and put the group’s name on the Billboard Charts and beyond.

Through the years, the band has had low lows and some revamping and re-figuring out. The current lineup, which includes founding member Wes Scanlon on vocals and guitar with Dave Moreno on drums, Mike Adams on bass, and Matt Fuller on guitar are looking to bring back the old gel and fire that seems to have set the band ablaze back in the day. That night’s set was solid, revamped, and locked in!

Puddle Of Mudd have been no strangers to the road in 2019, and they have been paving the way and gearing up for their newest release, WELCOME TO GALVANIA, to hit the streets so the touring has been good support for them and tonight’s set was nothing but solid and rock n roll packed.

I didn’t realize how many hits and great songs the band has produced until they rolled into Fete tonight. The set went from one hit to another, from the epic “SHE HATES ME” to the slower paced “DRIFT AND DIE.” They also performed the electrifying sass of “PSYCHO” and one of my favorite songs from the bands collection of hits, “FAMOUS.” But what the crowd really got revved up on was the bands biggest sing-along hit, “CONTROL,” which they then intertwined with the classic Black Sabbath song, “WAR PIGS.” Those two songs wrapped together made the band stand out like no one’s business that night. The guys made an impactful mark on the crowd that evening, especially when the versatile and emotional vibe of another massive hit the band had, “BLURRY,” highlighted the tail end of the set that evening. The band encored with the newest and pretty sassy based fun song, “UH-OH” which is off the new album. All n’ all PUDDLE OF MUDD brought the fun and rock n roll vibe back into music for 2019.

If you haven’t seen Wes and the boys yet, you need to and check out the newest album, WELCOME TO GALVANIA, which is out now on online portals.

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