Album Review: Mudhoney, Morning In America

By Andy Thunders Rock N Roll Gypsy,

Mudhoney are back with Morning In America, the new EP by the grunge rock legends. One of the smaller bands that didn’t get huge like Soundgarden or Nirvana, perhaps that’s why they are still around. With Stooges influenced garage punk with that muddy guitar tone, this is classic Mudhoney.

Vortex of Lies starts us off with a slow survey riff full of fuzz and feedback. Has a waltz like vibe with brilliant lyrics. Has a slight stoner rock vibe. Totally rad. Very raw production. Creeps Are Everywhere is upbeat and fun. Very groovy.

Ensam I Naft is reminiscent of Into The Drink sounding, the only cover on the ep. Some sweet synth wooshes. Side 1 ends with the title track Morning In America. Very good. Slower but vibey. The opening line ‘America hates itself.’ Wow, fuckin profound. There are a lot of ills in our society, and they talk about it. Such a strong song, reminiscent of If I Think.

Side 2 begins with Let’s Kill Yourself Live Again, a hell of a title. And it really sounds like it came out in the mid to late 60s. Great hook and riffs. A brilliant song about that politician that shot himself in the head live on t.v. back in the day. Snake Oil Charmer has a story telling vibe with the typical Mudhoney twist. Great riff and lyrics. This ep is a sign of the times. Filled with wah wah and fuzz. It ends with One Bad Actor, the single released. A slow stonery groovetastic fuzz fest.

This is a phenomenal release by Mudhoney. Even after all these years, they’re still the same band. A contender for album of the year.

Track Listing:

1. Vortex of Lies
2. Creeps Are Everywhere
3. Ensam I Natt
4. Morning in America
5. Let’s Kill Yourself Live Again
6. Snake Oil Charmer
7. One Bad Actor

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1 Comment on Album Review: Mudhoney, Morning In America

  1. Good summary, this EP is a keeper!
    Kill Yrself Live Again is a refreshing update to the tune.
    I just saw them live for the first time in many years and they’ve still got it!! Bravo!

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