Album Review: Wednesday 13’s Necrophaze

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

It’s October, and that means one of my favorite times of the year is around the corner. No, not my 4th of July birthday, hahaha. HALLOWEEN!!! It is the one night of the year where ghosts, goblins, slashers, aliens, evil clowns, and demons roam the streets. I have always loved Halloween, from the costumes to the candy, horror flicks, and outrageous parties. It is also a great time to be a metalhead. There is one heavy metal artist out there who thrives on the horror scene besides Rob Zombie, and that’s Wednesday 13. So far, I have seen the demented frontman who writes lyrics of scary proportions about 4 times, and does he put on a show. The former leader of the Murderdolls has just put together his newest blood-soaked album with Nuclear Blast Records, Necrophaze. Looking to continue his terrorizing ways for his devout followers, Wednesday 13 continues to murderous rampage of our ears.

We start off the record with the self-titled track, “Necrophaze.” Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Famer and original shock rocker Alice Cooper lends his sinister voice, giving the song an evil presence. The eerie guitar riffs are haunting spectacular, played together nicely by Roman Surman and Jack Tankersley. Great way to start it off. “Bring Your Own Blood” is a twisted party anthem that dabbles just a tiny bit with of the electronic side. Wednesday is so guttural in his melodic singing, welcoming us into the party of terror and blood. It is refreshing to hear a party song that a horror fan like myself can get behind to. “Zodiac” feels like a love letter from the Zodiac Killer himself. What drew me into this song was the hypnotic bass riffs that Troy Doebbler plays really well on. It just pulled me into the mind of the infamous serial killer that has never been caught. We now come to a more traditional monster song, “Monster.” Lacuna Coil mistress Cristina Scabbia comes into this tune and is a beautiful addition, laying her harmonies behind.

Wednesday’s wretched voice. It is kind of like a Beauty & the Beast duet of sorts. The guitar solo has an old school feel to it, and it goes together with the horror metal style very well.

We now come to the single of the album, “Decompose.” A haunting ambiance fills the airwaves in the beginning, then the guitars and synthesizer come along. A song of dooming and condemning a person of interest, Wednesday 13 sure has a way with words of when it comes to damning someone. Surman screeches out a terrifying solo that is so vile, it is attractive. “Be Warned” is an interlude where Antiseen frontman Jeff Clayton warns the children (the listeners) about a story of death. While Clayton speaks, a piano plays in the background in a dark overtone. Consider me warned. “The Hearse” starts out slow and spooky, then drummer Kyle Castronovo kick starts the bass kick into overdrive. An allegory of being driven to your ultimate fate, the dark choir in the background spells out doom. Wednesday 13 is very menacing, gutting straight to the heart of our souls, trying to terrify us to death. Call on the hangman, for “Tie Me a Noose” is upon us. This song has a heavy boogey to the groove that includes a lingering guitar solo that howls all throughout the air. Just scream his name in vain, and you will a lot better when you hear this tune.

“Life Will Kill Us All” has that old-school shock rock feel that you would hear from Alice Cooper. Wednesday 13 slashes through our eardrums with great precision while the song takes me back to the sweet sounds of 70s heavy rock, thanks to Tankersley laying down some contagious licks. Next up is “Bury the Hatchet,” a twisted tale of running into old friend who you no longer speak to, and literally bury a hatchet in their skull. While the phrase means to make amends, Wednesday 13 has other ideas. Great guitar hooks and bass chops, this 2:36 song is buried into my subconscious. Thunder then claps as the short musical interlude, “Necrophaze Main Theme (End Credits),” signals to us that end is almost near. We have come to the final turn of haunted journey with “Animal (Fuck Like a Beast).” Children of Bodom leader Alexi Laiho helps his friend make us feel the love in this vicious tune that features an insane solo that Laiho plays on the record. The most heavy song of the album, this is how to slay us in the end.

Necrophaze screams out Happy Halloween to all who listen to Wednesday 13. A record that is seen as a back to roots, it feels like the quintessential horror metal album we have been waiting for all year. Ever since signing with Nuclear Blast, it seems that new life has been given to group musical psychopaths. They leave a trail of bloody corpses along the way, and their taste for is barely quenched. I cannot wait to hear these songs live. To Wednesday 13, I salute you. Horns up!!!


Track Listing:

Bring Your Own Blood
Be Warned
The Hearse
Tie Me A Noose
Life Will Kill Us All
Bury the Hatchet
Necrophaze Main Theme

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