For me, this is what music is and any musician who can make an impact like this is special in my heart. COLD is that for me because as a fan Ward's words, they have gotten me through a lot of trials in my life also.


by Stephanie Stevens

Since the band’s inception in 1996, COLD has embedded the emotional and savage angst of love, hate, anger, happiness, loss, and darkness into souls of the souls of music fans, and by God, the legion of COLD fans is so poignant and real. The band has not released anything since 2011 and have not really been on the touring market recently. So when this tour, BROKEN HUMAN TOUR, was announced, it was amazing to see loyal fans coming out to support.

Tonight in New Bedford, MA, our newest venue known as the Vault hosted COLD, and when I got to the venue, my heart went warm and fuzzy because for a band that has been MIA for a bit, the venue tonight had very good attendance. As I made my way through the crowd that night, it was amazing to overhear fans telling stories and sharing memories of the band and how the music they made got them through some hard times.

For me, this is what music is and any musician who can make an impact like this is special in my heart. COLD is that for me because as a fan Ward’s words, they have gotten me through a lot of trials in my life also.

I first saw COLD back in 2002 when the lineup was different, but I remember that set like it was yesterday, though I was a bit younger. This band left everything they had on that stage this night. Scooter Ward gave you angst, emotion, and vulnerability on stage and I was ready to see what the band was going to give out this evening.

Tonight, the crowd was re-connected with old drummer, Sam McCandless. With him and Ward vibing the whole night, it was like they never missed a beat apart.  A massive sea of hands went up for the lovely and pretty Lindsay Manfredi, who just looked like she was meant to be playing these songs and with these guys. The passion and smile she had all night on stage was priceless. Jon Nova guided us on guitar all night, and his counterpart Nick Coyle was a sight for sore eyes since I had not seen him since I saw Lifer back in the day. But these two combining the creativeness they both have on guitar really bring a deep growth to the older songs and well, let’s just say the new tracks have that essence of COLD but on a deep darker new level.

Mr. Ward, as humble as I remember him, has never sounded better. His voice was as solid as I remember in 2002, and he still gives you ever heartache and emotional feeling within every verse and word he sings to you. He gave love and praise to the fans all night, knowing that without them this could not be possible. The admiration between this artist and the hearts he reaches could be seen throughout the evening tonight.

As a band, you always want to be visually appealing along with the stage presence, the look and the natural beauty engulfed the music that gives the set life, with solid energy and purpose.


The guys did some new songs like the newest single out on Spotify entitled “THE DEVIL WE KNOW,” which possess that sound of hope and destiny but staying within that darker moodier tone. The newer songs intertwined so well and flawlessly with the classic hits like “STUPID GIRL,” “SUFFOCATE,” and “GIVE,” which the band played effortlessly. The highlight of the night for me was the first notes that came out of the speakers when they started “GO AWAY.” Although the crowd favorite had to be “JUST GOT WICKED” when the crowd was so loud that the band even got more amped up to give the song 150%.

It might have been years since we heard the name COLD, but goddamn they did not disappoint tonight, and the new songs bring you on a new journey into the mind of Mr. Ward

2019 might be coming to a close in a few months, but within those months, if COLD comes to a town near you, it’s worth it to call out sick, pawn your favorite possession or just full out go support a band that has made an impact on so many lives. I am so happy they are back and they haven’t lost a beat

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