KISS Brought Their Psycho Circus Style of Rock n’ Roll Church to Syracuse, NY

Written by Andy Thunders Rock N Roll Gypsy, Photos by Cassie Kay

KISS brought its psycho circus style of rock n’ roll church to Syracuse NY for the last time ever,and it was a phenomenal sermon, albeit bittersweet.

KISS has always been a live band, and that is just as true here on 8/27/19. Its a warm night with an electric aura throughput the crowd. The intro comes and the curtain drops and “Detroit Rock City” explodes as they come down from the top of the amphitheater. They are still the hottest band in the land, despite pushing 70. “Shout it out loud,” “War machine,” “Calling Doctor Love” and many more classic KISS anthems played well and full of vitality and energy. Eric’s drum solo had some vintage Alive 2 era props, amazing. After “Cold Gin,” Tommy’s guitar solo involved shooting rockets out if his flying V guitar towards a flying saucer, which as much of an Ace fan I am, was the coolest god damn KISS guitar solo I have ever seen.

After “Black Diamond” they come out for encores, Eric played the piano while singing “Beth,” and then an 80s surprise of “Crazy Crazy Nights,” and then the all time classic “Rock And Roll All Night” played as confetti just assaults your entire body. This was my 3rd KISS show, and they still blew my mind and was the best rock n’ roll sermon one could ever see. The band is insanely amazing and consistent.

Full KISS gallery below:

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