Stone Temple Pilots at Blue Ridge Rock Festival

By Out With Ambler

If there were any doubt in the minds of fans about the staying power of this band, Saturday evenings show should have put them to rest.

Stone Temple Pilots played an up and coming Blue Ridge Rock Festival (already boasting an attendance of over 12K it’s its third year) to an extremely excited crowd of both younger fans and those who have followed the band through its magnificent highs and unthinkable lows.

The band treated us to favorites such as “Wicked Garden, “Vasoline”, “Plush”. “Interstate Love Song”, and so many more. This power-packed setlist was everything a fan could want in an open-air festival setting. And speaking of power-packed, STP has experienced NO loss in power! The energy was apparent from the entire band, making the set a great visual experience as well as a musical one. Jeff Gutt has done an amazing job of not replacing but helping to carry on this band’s great legacy.

2018’s self-titled release and subsequent tour is bringing this remarkable show to you. Don’t miss it!

Full Stone Temple Pilots gallery below:

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