Album Review: Sunn0))), Pyroclasts

By Andy Thunders Rock N Roll Gypsy

The twin album to Life Metal is here. Sunn0)))’s latest Pyroclasts was a living, breathing record alongside the recent Life Metal release, coexisting on the same master tapes as well. Recorded once again by the great Steve Albini, this record is easily as sublime, if not more so than its twin album Life Metal.

We start off the journey in soundscape with Frost, some eerie hymn like feedback. Then come some crushing guitars out of the sky. This sounds darker than their previous record, but the auras are sinister and haunting.

Kingdoms starts off in the same way but no feedback. The vibes on this record are absolutely fucking intense. Dark,yet invigorating. Like ablack sun shining its dark rays on you. Sucks you in like a black hole. God damn.

Ampliphædies continues in a similar vibe, but this riff is fuckin heavy. Take a trip to the darkest pits of your mind, feel the gloom a bit.

Ascension starts off with surprisingly upbeat sounding feedback. Creating a bit lighter of an aura than the first three tracks. But it is still quite dense. Like thick fog over a haunted ocean.

A quite fantastic record that goes hand in hand with Life Metal. The atmosphere on this record is a lot more intense. But its equally as incredible for different reasons. An absolute stunner of an album.

Track Listing: 

1. Frost
2. Kingdoms
3. Ampliphædies
4. Ascension

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