All That Remains and Lacuna Coil Brings Metal Adrenaline to the Regent

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

Fun fact readers: Rockaholic, my best friend since childhood, is one of the biggest All That Remains fans in the world. He told me about the time he went to see the band when they came through the famed Chain Reaction back in the day. There was an opportunity to buy a guitar session with lead guitarist Oli Herbert, and of course Rockaholic had to get in on it. The funny was that nobody else signed up, so they got to jam for 2 hours, with Rockaholic keeping up with Oli. As many of you are aware, the guitar wizard tragically passed away last year, leaving a big hole in our hearts as well as Rockaholic’s. So, when All That Remains announced a co-headlining tour with Goth metal legends Lacuna Coil, calling it the Disease of the Anima Tour. They would be making a stop at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles on October 1st, so we both knew we had to be there for them. They were joined on the tour with Bad Omens, Toothgrinder, and Uncured.

Unfortunately we missed Uncured and Toothgrinder due to our interview with Lacuna Coil, but I am sure they pumped up the crowd. Bad Omens is a metalcore act that thrives on the subjects of despair and addiction. The Virginia-based group is one of Sumerian Records newest golden boys having achieve acclaim from their 2016 self-titled debut album, and they have returned with their newest creation, Finding God Before God Finds Me. Lead vocalist Noah Sebastian has this ability to go from melodically smooth to scream in high-pitch volumes. He pours out his soul with his words, and the fans ate that shit up. Guitarist “Jolly” Karlsson created some tasty metalcore riffs that have an alternative edge, which went together nicely with speedy & intense drumming of Nick Folio and the steady but fast-paced bass licks of Nicholas Ruffilo. From “Mercy” to “The Hell I Overcame,” “The Worst in Me,” “Said & Done,” “Glass Houses,” “Burning Out,” Bad Omens were sending good omens to the crowds. They were an exciting new band I have big hopes for.

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Following the hyper-speed of melodic metalcore comes some much deserved Gothic metal all the way from Milan, Italy. I first saw Lacuna Coil a couple of years ago when they came through with Epica and I was head over heels for them. Now they are back with a new record on the way, Black Anima. The combined vocal efforts of screamer Andrea Ferro and angelic Cristina Scabbia are a match made in Goth Heaven. Both of them conquered the ears of every metalhead at the Regent. Bassist Marco Coti Zelati was crunching some alternative bass riffs that were both dark and heavy. “Didi” Cavalotti is a marvel on the guitar, showing everyone in the room how masterful he is with every lead riff he plucked. This was the first getting to check out new drummer Richard Meiz, who was just added to the band recently, and he was a dark raging machine behind the kit. Donning the black and white make-up with jumpsuits and cloaks, Lacuna Coil dug deep into their archive of tunes, most of which came from their 2016 masterpiece Delirium. We all got an earful of their best, which included “Blood, Tears, Dust,” “Trip the Darkness,” “Spellbound,” “Downfall,” “Zombies,” “My Demons,” “The House of Shame,” “Heaven’s a Lie,” and “Nothing Stands in Our Way,” all the while giving us a taste of what we can expect from Black Anima, “Layers of Time” and “Reckless.” Always a pleasure hearing sweet Gothic metal from Italy’s finest.

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The almighty All That Remains was next up. Rabit and I saw them earlier this year with Attila and Escape the Fate where they brought chaotic moshing to Santa Ana. Just like they did there, All That Remains raised the blood pressures in the room. Vocalist and sole founding member Philip Labonte is charismatic and vicious on the stage, pumping us up with his intense singing. Jason Richardson has been made the new official lead guitarist and he was slaying all of Oli classic guitar licks. His fast playing and technical expertise makes him an excellent addition to All That Remains. Rhythm player Mike Martin, donning a Patriots shirt (my man), killed the harmonious riffs while drummer Jason Costa and bassist Aaron Patrick went on a rampage with the rhythmic section. Victim of the New Disease has been a magnificent creation by the group who returned to their heavy metal roots after experimenting with new sounds, and it was the perfect parting gift from Oli. Fans loved hearing the new stuff from “Just Tell Me Something” to “Fuck Love,” “Blood I Spill,” and “Wasteland.” They also received a good dosage of their classic hits like “This Calling,” “Chiron,” “This Probably Won’t End Well,” “The Last Time,” “Not Alone,” “The Air That I Breathe,” “What If I Was Nothing,” and “Two Weeks.” All That Remains turned the theater into a madhouse, and we loved them for it.

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Rockaholic and I had one of the best nights we have ever had at any concert we have been to together. He is the main reason why I love hard rock and heavy metal because he introduced me to it. All That Remains killed it and Lacuna Coil still puts on a fantastic set full of Gothic alternative excitement. Bad Omens was also a delightful surprise to see. Our next adventure to the Regent will be when As I Lay Dying comes stampeding there in December, so stay tune for that. To All That Remains, Lacuna Coil, and Bad Omens, I salute you. Horns up!!!


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