Album Review: Quiet Riot, Hollywood Cowboys

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

Quiet Riot’s latest album Hollywood Cowboys is a fantastic old school melodic hard rock album, something the band has always done excruciatingly well no matter who was in the band. The riffs, the hooks, it’ll drive ya mad.

The album kicks off with the awesome riff of Don’t’ Call It Love, a pure sleazy rocker. James vocals are great, I never understood the hate. Killer.

Next up is In The Blood, with an awesome groove. Very vibey. Very AOR. Not a bad thing. It picks up for an epic, powerful chorus. Very vampyric. The band itself is on fire. Just energetic and fun to the bone. As it should be.

Heartbreak City is pure 80s hard rock. Has a groove similar to Deep Purple. A hook out of this world. Definitely sleazy.

The Devil That You Know is a fast paced rocker, galloping like a wild steed while your getting shot at. And yet still has amazing hooks. Being an outcast ain’t always easy, but with anthems like this it makes it easier.

Change or die has a heavy intro riff. A great groove. A great tune with great guitar work.

Roll On is a slow bluesy number. Oh yeah. James does great on it. This song is fucking incredible. This whole record is atmospheric. Kt has a vibe. It entices and seduces you.

Insanity is a fast paced train to hell banger. The guitar work starting it off are just incredible. Almost Iron Maiden territory. A powerful vocal and great lyrics. Absolute brilliance.

Hellbender is darker,slower number. Great riff. This record is a fuckin great hard rock album. Forget the purists and the past.

Wild Horses is an upbeat rocker. Sublime and warm. A great song about being free.

Holding On is a bit slower paced beginning with acoustic guitar. A great ballad that’s not super wimpy. Hard to do.

Last Outcast is definitely an anthem for the dispossessed. Anybody who doesn’t fit in with the societal norm can relate. Great riff and great lyrics. Fantastic.

Arrows And Angels is another upbeat one. Very powerful and dark. Great lyrics and hooks. One of the best tunes on the album. A great way to end the record.

All in all this is another solid hard rock album by Quiet Riot. Nothing not to love. It’s fuckin awesome. Nuff said.

Track Listing:

01. Don’t Call It Love
02. In the Blood
03. Heartbreak City
04. The Devil That You Know
05. Change or Die
06. Roll On
07. Insanity
08. Hellbender
09. Wild Horses
10. Holding On
11. Last Outcast
12. Arrows and Angels

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