Damian Sage is a singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. A native of New York, Damian’s music is deeply steeped in the wisdom and experience of someone who has seen it all. In the words of Damian Sage, “I sing for the lost souls, the hopeless, the castaways, the misunderstood, the sad, the angry. Because I am them and they are me. That’s why I sing.” – Damian Sage

As the Holiday Season is upon us, it is a time of year that people turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with afflictions and pent up emotions. COLD BLOOD examines depression and substance abuse while offering suggestions of how to deal and stay sane in the moment

Sage comments on the writing of this song, “I wanted to address some issues I’ve battled much of my life, and I know many others have as well. The focal points are depression and addiction. These can be debilitating at times. I wanted the track to have an upbeat feel, instead of a slow sad song. I feel it’s honest, and offers a small glimpse into that world, while sending the message to never give up.”

Hamilton who’s Dark Spark Music is releasing the single adds “The Holidays are a hard time to be alone and I have found solace in several 12 step programs myself. I felt Cold Blood should be released before the holiday to offer support. Damian Sage is such a unique artist in that his storytelling style makes you feel apart of the larger picture or group. If this song helps people cope and stay with us, we have done our job.”

Thoughts on Cold Blood:

Cold Blood is as poetic as it is musically satisfying, entrancing you from the offset and sweeping you away on this wave of changing energy – as Sage deals with issues such as depression and addiction in a seductively soulful fashion. A brilliant introduction to the album. Really though, it’s Damian’s voice and his thoughtful, honest way with writing that connects the dots. Musically there’s impressive eclecticism on this project

Not anywhere near being as depressingly suicidal in its sound, as some other songs which have confronted the same theme in the past, this is precisely what makes this work so compelling and timeless. Against an upbeat, and crunchy alt-rock backdrop, the lyrics are great, sometimes even better than great, because they are equal parts clever and suggestive.


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