Mac Sabbath Grilled Up a Greasy Recipe For Anarchy at the Observatory

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy, Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

We all strive to live healthy lifestyles. That includes exercising, not smoking, and eating healthy foods. However, we can all agree that when it comes to food, most of us are all suckers for fast-food. From Del Taco to Carl’s Jr. and McDonalds, sometimes we simply cannot avoid it because it is quick, easy, and greasy. There is one band out there though that tries to show us the horrors that comes from us indulging in that food. I present to you Mac Sabbath, the Black Sabbath parody group that both glorifies and horrifies fast food. The Los Angeles based outfit are basically fast food mascots escaped from the mental asylum located in Hell. They are fronted by Ozzy Osbourne’s insane cousin, the Prince of Charred Patties Ronald Osbourne. Rabit and I have been hungering to see this crazy outfit with cheese, so we went to latest show at the Observatory in Santa Ana on November 22nd. The opening condiments included the heavy missionaries of Tartar Control and 45 Grave, one of the pioneering horror rock acts.

With the help of DJ Robot providing the bass and drum beats, Tartar Control came out screaming to the congregation of metalheads. This interesting trio (yes, I include the 1980s styled Robot as a member) are full of punk angst and heavy hugs. Whenever Robert belted his out of control screams, the floor becomes a madhouse full of crazed lunatics. There were even times Robert entered into the circle of pain just for the fun of it. Sean plugged away on the guitar with aggressive punk and metal attitude. Tartar Control dressed in matching white dress shirts with black trousers and black ties, looking like Mormon church-goers pleasing both God and the God of Rock. With tunes like “Jesus is Love,” “Brush Your Teeth,” “Step Daddy,” and “Peach Cobbler Party,” Tartar Control gave the Observatory a heavy party to enjoy.

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Up next was 45 Grave, which is an interesting name in itself. This L.A. based group has been on-and-off together since forming in 1979. Frontwoman Dinah Cancer is the sole original member and she brought witch-like quality to the horror punk outfit. To be honest, I felt the performance was a bit boring and I just could not fully get behind it. However, I did think each member from Cancer to guitarist Dylan Thomas, drummer Tom Coyne and bassist Brandden Blackwell held their own and rocked as hard as they could.

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Once the stage was setup like a haunted McDonald’s drive-thru, the curtain dropped and Mac Sabbath was in full swing with “Organic Funeral.” Ronald strolls out in a yellow straitjacket looking crazed and possessed, all the while giving his best Ozzy singing. Once the straitjacket is removed, he is seen in full costume and goes right into “Sweet Beef.” Each song is done with the original Black Sabbath music, but the lyrics are replaced with themes on the evils of fast-food. It was funny and heavy at the same time. Wailing infectiously on the guitar Slayer MacCheeze, armed with metal snaggleteeth and cheesy goodness. Grimalice (aka “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butler”) was hypnotic on the bass, while Catburglar (aka “Glamburglar” and “Peter Criss Cut Fries”) was a master on the patty sized drum kit, which included a fish sandwich snare drum because he’s a cat.

After Ronald named a lot of rock groups with restaurant names like Twisted Sizzler, their harmonica loving Lizard came out to jam to “The Lizard” (parody of “The Wizard”). Showing love to other groups like Motörhead & Shoulders, they honored them with their hit single, “Grill My Pet,” which I am positive that Lemmy would have dug in the shower. From “We’re Not Going to Shakey’s” to “GMO Blind,” Mac Sabbath drove the fans so far into madness, that they went into moshing and stage diving just to get the madness out of them, but that just made them even more crazy. Catburglar was asked to come to the front and he gave us his ballad “Bread” (a parody of KISS’s “Beth”), then returned to his kit so Mac Sabbath could give Santa Ana some “Love Buns.” After the band went into a musical solo where Slayer MacCheeze played a guitar solo from Wicked World, out came “Chicken for the Slaves,” a sinister homage to chicken nuggets. Then they brought out the big guns with “Frying Pan” and “Pair-a-Buns.”

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Thanks to Mac Sabbath, I do not think I can eat at a McDonalds again. That’s what I thought as I went through a McDonalds drive-thru. LOL. I have seen my fair share of parody groups, but these guys are special because they created a weird concept that actually works to Black Sabbath music. Plus, Ozzy Osbourne himself loves these guys. Tartar Control gave us some much needed Hug Rock, while 45 Grave escorted us into a punk rock horror show. A fun night that will surely give us nightmares about fast-food. To Mac Sabbath, 45 Grave, and Tartar Control, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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