Pentagram return to The Montage 10/29/19

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

The Montage is an incredible small intimate venue in Rochester NY. Got there at 6:40 pm on a Tuesday night. Go inside and they have 3 dollar cans of PBR. I felt transported to a decade ago when I ran around Philly with the punks.

The first band of the night was Orodruin, a local four piece with amazing harmonies and vocals and crushing riffs. A mix between Pallbearer and Candlemass. Very good.

I had to run out to the merch table and Pentagram’s RV during the majority of Last Days of The Sun’s set, but I caught the end and they sounded very grungy. The third band was local thrash act Invictra which were incredible. Reminds me more of Celtic frost vocally. The singer and guitarist shredding. Even did a slayer cover and did it well.

The anticipation and electricity in the air kept building even as Pentagram was about to take the stage. The band came out first, tuning and whatnot. Then Bobby comes out and the room erupts. Pentagram start off with Wheel Of Fortune and sound amazing. Guitarist Matt Goldsboro is a beast on the SG. Up next was Starlady, my favourite track from back in the 70s. The band is amazing and Bobby never misses a beat. Bobby has an intense stage presence, with his wild looks and all. One of the last true great rock and metal singers alive who put effort into performance. It’s fun and heavy and loud.

During Sign Of The Wolf, Matt’s guitar strap came off, and he didn’t miss a note. After the song was over and he was fixing his strap, Bobby jokingly picked up an earplug onstage and said ‘someone lost a butt plug’ a guy beside me yells ‘for a small asshole!’ To which my half drunk self blurts out ‘for a cleft asshole!’ As everyone laughs. Next up we had The Ghoul, followed by When The Screams Come. Classic after classic. The whole band is tight and on fire. Here’s what I have so far. Before warned, relentless, review your choices, curious volume, and Relentless. We all cheer for more. They come back out and drummer Pete Campbell launched into the opening drumbeat of Forever my Queen, as the band storms through this classic number, and then goes into 20 Buck Spin. Capping off an incendiary show. They pulled out all the stops and left us all hurting sore and wanting more.

Full Pentagram gallery below:

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