Album Review: Wandering Oak, Passage Elemental

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

Passage Elemental by Wandering Oak is an earthy folk like metal album. Atmospheres and killer riffs abound. It is a sonic diary of self realization. Mixes black metal with folk and Iron Maiden like influences.

The album kicks off with Riastrad, starting off with a Jethro Tull sounding flute intro which builds into an intense metal orgasm of a riff. Killer drumming and the vocals are medieval style mixed with pure screams. This is so damn cool. Some touches of Iron Maiden are sprinkled throughout.

The Earthstrider starts off with a fantastic riff and gallop, and then slows down before exploding into yet another amazing musical passage with amazing vocals that are unique. Akin to that of Christopher Lee, not an insult at all. It’s amazing, intricate stuff here.

Upon Stranger Shores begins with some beautiful acoustic guitars making a really gorgeous melody. It actually captures the true emotion of leaving and starting anew. It gets heavy again for an epic powerful uplift. A musical orgasm.

Son Of The Sky is a bit slower paced but very ambient. The guitar playing is phenomenal. The bass and drums are in sync. It’s tight.

Set My Thorns Ablaze is pure black metal fury. Absolutely fucking incendiary.

Aetheral Path is an instrumental piece, acoustic, somber and tranquil. Beautiful.

The album closed with The Iron Horde, beginning with slowly with tribal drums, a jangly guitar,the the 2nd guitar and bass start choppin heads and this incredible intricate music begins and it’s euphoric as it is intense.

This is an incredible band with intricate music and song structures. Wandering Oak hail from western/upstate New York and they are so phenomenal.

Track Listing: 

1. Riastrad
2. The Earthstrider
3. Upon Stranger Shores
4. Son of the Sky
5. Set My Thorns Ablaze
6. Aethereal Path
7. The Iron Horde

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