Meet Jake Golden. The New Face of Grunge

The more you know about your craft, the more respect you will receive and it appears Jake Golden has done his homework.  Every once in a blue moon you encounter a musician that stands apart from the sea of normality and shows you that being a part of a different influence can break the standard. I receive many submissions from bands of all types but often they appear as blurry, mundane replicas of what the current trend in music is and it’s not in the least bit interesting to me. Jake Golden caught my eye when he submitted his information because he simply showed passion straight out of the gate. He believes in himself and I picked up on it right away. I didn’t know what to expect when I took a moment from my busy schedule to actually listen to his original music and I was fascinated by what I was hearing. Wow……finally something different.  Influenced by the grunge era, Jakes sound instantly sounded familiar because of his influences and this seemingly average looking dude had my attention. I got excited for him, simply by listening to one of his tracks “Thrown Away” >> Listen Here! >>

Thrown Away is a out to break 50k streams on spotify. Not a bad hike for a solo act and once you hear the music. If you are a fan of the Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell era, you are easily transported into a nostalgic state after hearing some new original music for the first time.

My personal playlists consist of mostly heavy metal, nu-metal, thrash and some of the newer metalcore but  the talent and familiarity of Jake’s music has found its place in my personal playlist and I am enjoying the tracks daily. Jake has been steadily releasing new music and I am excited to share with you a few links to his tracks that I really think are worth taking the time to listen too. Check out his music videos and subscribe to his Youtube account by going here:

> <<

With introductions and initial excitement out of the way let me give you a little background on Jake. He is no novice to the main stage and has earned his keep playing with top touring bands such as Incubus, Saving Abel, Smile Empty Soul, Seether and more. Jake has worked along side industry professionals such as Paul Crosby of Saliva and veteran Producer Robert Venable out of Nashville Tennessee.

Its obvious that Jake takes his craft serious and I am a fan of his dark, eerie and solemn writing style. Even with dark undertones of agony and despair, Jake’s voice holds a bright and comforting position that leaves you with a sense of solidarity and comfort.

There is a certain level of angst with each of his tracks, like his track “Overcome” but the ease of listening is sustained by the mellow raspy storylines and catchy chorus’.  What really catches my attention is the newness, yet familiar sound he brings to the table.

History of Jake Golden 

Jake’s music career started at age 15 playing in a cover band as most musicians start out doing but he has held a guitar since the early age of 6. He’s been writing and jamming for the last 7 years, focused on original music starting at age 18. As you listen to the collection of releases you can hear the growth and progress of his original writing. As the timeline progresses the quality of the releases and the Influences really show talent  from seed to bloom.  Inspiration is obvious and present right from the get-go but Jake’s real creativity shines in his most recent release. The number of plays on the spotify channel are proof of his ability to reach his audience.  Jake has a limited amount of images available showing him in action, but personally I see that as testament to his focus on the music, and not being concerned so much with the vanity and spotlight that comes with being a musician. His priorities are obviously in place.

How has writing original music effected your life?

“ Music has saved my life so many times and has been there for me through everything. The passing of my father, drug problems, friends and family dying, etc. So I’m willing to die for the music and anything to do with it”.


What’s the latest?

After the release of his first 5 song EP called “Relentless”, Jake didn’t stop writing and has started to already release singles of brand new music. These new tracks are getting the best response to date. The music is written from the heart and the 90’s grunge influences are really coming out giving Jake that unique sound next to anything else coming out in recent years from any band. You just don’t hear grunge influence anymore and its refreshing hearing something different and new, yet nostalgic enough in its sound to remind us of the good ol’ days. Jake has plans to record a 3rd EP to accompany number 2 and combined they are collectively known as the album “Rigomortis” which gives credit to its theme of grief and discontent. Jake has no plans to slow down writing although he has mentioned more than once that his writing is getting darker, his lyrics are focusing on tragedy and loss. Jake has adopted a dreary yet powerful undertone to his new music and it is absolutely fine with him.

Two brand new releases to listen too are “Before I Heal” and “Thrown Away” which are currently out and available on all streaming platforms and social media applications.


Jake’s new singles have reached thousands on the Australian Internet radio station Banks Radio Australia  found here: 

> or <<

Jake conducted an interview with DJ Isaac Banks on his radio show and boasts the highest number of streams ever for the station, for the interview. DJ Isaac Banks has been on internet radio as well as FM local to Australia radio for many years and has previously worked with Adrenaline 101 radio and The Heavy Metal ICU.

Jake has successfully played live shows since the age of 19. He has shared the stage with some of his favorite bands, and has released a 5 song EP that is available on all streaming sites as well as advertising his releases on all social media platforms.  Jake has successfully written enough material for a full length album release that is currently being recorded, releases as singles  and will soon be collectively released as an EP called “Rigor Mortis”.

Jake is currently endorsed by :

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In Tune Guitar Picks Inc.

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