You Gotta Check out Marisa and The Moths!

A pretty filthy, filthy pretty grunge influenced Reading-based rock band with a modern edge.

Marisa Rodriguez (lead singer/guitarist/songwriter) founded the band back in 2016 and began her search for The Moths. At the start of 2017, Marisa began working with Liam Barnes who she had known for years through the Reading music scene. He had agreed to help Marisa with recording her songs whilst she looked for more permanent band members. In Autumn 2017 Marisa booked in some recording time with Jason Wilson (producer for bands such as Fightstar, Rueben, Dinosaur Pile-up and many more) at the renowned Stakeout Studios in Hampton, London. Liam came into record bass and help with guitar parts for the session and, as a favor to the drummer-less band, Jason agreed to play drums. He also invited the incredibly talented Sophie Lloyd to come in and perform a featuring guitar solo on the band’s track “69”. This recording experience caused the four of them to form a close friendship and an even stronger creative synergy. Chris Merton, an old friend of Marisa’s, completed the band line-up as second lead guitarist in January 2018.

Marisa and The Moths
Marisa Rodriguez – Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter  Liam Barnes – Bass  Jason Wilson – Drums/Producer  Sophie Lloyd – Lead Guitar  Chris Merton – Guitar

In April 2018 the band played their debut show at the Are You Listening? festival in Reading to a full crowd at the Purple Turtle. Since this first show, they have gained a core following, playing increasingly bigger shows, including a headline slot at Readipop Festival’s second stage in July 2018. Since the first recording session, the band has been busy developing and recording more songs. In September 2019 the band released their first single ‘Skin’ from their debut album, due for release in November 2019.

To find out more about upcoming shows, please see the Tour page. Also, Check out all the links provided below to learn more!

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