B-Mac Chat with Leah Martin-Brown of Evol Walks

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

When I die and they lay me to rest / Gonna go to the place that’s the best.” For those who have been living on Mars all this time, these are the first lyrics to Norman Greenbaum’s iconic psychedelic rock tune “Spirit in the Sky.” These are powerful words of faith and spiritual awakening. In 2016, a young hard rock group from L.A. called Evol Walks did a cover version of it, and that’s when I heard the sultry voice of Leah Brown-Martin. A fiery redhead from Australia, Leah has been the group’s outspoken leader since it began. I was immediately hooked. We have since become Facebook & Instagram pals, and she mentioned she would be attending NAMM signing autographs at the Highwire Daze Magazine booth, I knew I wanted talk with her in person and get to know the sassy lass from the Land of Down Under. After she made appearance, she made her way to me and we got down to our chat.

Recently, Leah has returned from a long Holiday vacation visiting her family in Australia, where we briefly talked about the Bush Fires that have happening recently, and are still going according to my source. I asked her about the origins of the name Evol Walks, which incidentally comes from the AC/DC tune “Evil Walks.” The song is about an evil woman, so Leah thought play to it like a character, only she is very pleasant person, so her manager suggested Evol which is either short for Evolution or, more likely, love backwards. She and I both talked about the recent inductees of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame and how our rock artists were shunned this year, with the exception of Nine Inch Nails. Originally influenced by AC/DC, Leah detailed the constant evolution of Evol Walks, and how their next album (which they are currently working on) will sound. While there is no album name yet, she did give us 2 song titles that will be featured on the new record, “Sleeping With the Ghosts” and “Back Where You Belong.”

Evol Walks has consistent members, including Edge of Paradise’s Jimmy Lee on drums, but Leah told me they have a rotation of bassists who play when they can. I, of course, offered my services to play when I improve my skills on the instrument. She did not have too much to check out the rest of the convention because she had to head back to Hollywood Hills for an event that night. However, I did suggest she check out the Strüng Jewelry booth. It was a huge thrill to chat with this fiery Australian who loves all things rock ‘n’ roll. We had a tremendous bond at NAMM, and that is a major thing NAMM is all about besides the merch. An amazing spirit and soulful songstress, I look forward to finally seeing Evol Walks in all its AC/DC-like style. To Leah Martin-Brown, I salute you. Horns up!!!

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