Blue Oyster Cult at The Vine Waterloo NY 2/22/20

By Andy Thunders, Rock N Roll Gypsy

Blue Oyster Cult is a rock n roll institution. Full of vitality and energy still, they haven’t lost a thing.

The Vine at Del Lago is a small 1500 seater amphitheatre inside a chinsey like casino in the fingerlakes region of New York. Security there also are kinda power hungry douches. During the first 30 seconds of the second song when I was shooting photos, a guy tapped me and said “They were like when you’re taking photos these guys behind ya can’t see.” They don’t have a proper photo pit at all at the venue. I was about to say tell em to move I’m working but i looked and then looked like if they stood up they’d break a hip so, I sat back down in my killer seat.

No worries, Eric Blooms coolness is unquestioned. When they kicked off with Dr Music i found myself drawn to Bloom immediately in his all black an the shades, not too mention that sexy fuckin gibson sg around his neck. Buck Dharma, my god is such an underrated player. And his voice is incredible.

They had us in the crowd help sing in the beginning of Golden Age Of Leather as a drunken sing along. Everything was tight, but so loose at the same time. The crowd was slightly lame, only screaming for the big hits as i am calling out for Career of Evil and Flaming Telepaths. I turned some heads knowing more than most of the people who were lucky enough to know em back in the day. They did ME 262 to practically crickets. I was going apeshit. That’s such a kickass song.

I felt transported especially during songs like The Vigil and Then Came The Last Days of May, the band jams the living fuck out of the songs. Cascading guitar solos. Buck and Richie Castellano are fucking incendiary. Richie, one of the younger guys who does both Lead guitar and keyboards is seriously amazing. The guy got a standing ovation for his shredding, space shattering, skullfucking solo in Last Days of May. The old guard, even though calling and chanting for Buck, the old guard gave the new guy a standing ovation,as did I, even saluting him. There’s hope for rock and roll in 2020 still.

The show reaffirmed Blue Oyster Cults place in my heart and life. Not knowing what to expect and just being blown away. Eric Bloom to me is one of the coolest motherfuckers in rock and roll, period. Dig.

1.Dr Music

2.Golden age of leather

3.Tattoo Vampire

4. Burnin for you

5. Od’d on life itself

6. Shooting Shark

7. The Vigil

8. E.T.I.

9. Bucks boogie

10. Then Came the Last Days Of May

11. Me 262

12. Godzilla

13. Dont Fear The Reaper

14. Hot Rails To Hell

15. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll

Full Blue Oyster Cult gallery below:

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