Girlschool at Real Time Live, Chesterfield, England.

Girlschool ’s footprint is firmly set in con crete on the footpath of British Rock. Such is their standing, I am given to under stand th at the Devil himself is set to record a song called ‘ R ace With Girlschool ’ ... ..he know s his place.


By: Richard Gatecliffe ( Richard Gatecliffe Photography )

This was my second visiting as many weeks to Derbyshire’s premier music venue Real TimeLive. Located in the historic town of Chesterfield it is a place known throughout the world for its beautiful 13thCentury church with the amazing crooked spire. Perhaps a less known fact to all but those with a good grasp on rock and metal is that chesterfield is the birthplace and final resting place of Phil‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor the original charismatic and colorful Drummer for the legends that are Motorhead. A subtle but nonetheless unbreakable link is the fact that Girlschool and Motorhead toured together when Lemmy heard the band and wanted them to support Motorhead on the 1979 Overkill tour. The bond was made and the rest is history.

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Girlschool has the accolade of being the longest-running all-female rock band and was seemingly always present during my devil may carefree years in rock during the ’70s and ’80s. So you can imagine, to be given access to all areas for their gig at Chesterfield was an enormous privilege. I arrived at the venue late afternoon in time for their arrival with the support band Evyltyde already on site. Band Members Kim McAuliffe, Denise Dufort, Tracy Lamb and Jackie (Jax) Chambers did a charity signing as soon as they arrived and we chatted briefly before they did their soundcheck. Powerhouse Drummer Denise was full of cold, so I provided her with hot water from my flask for her flu remedy and we discussed our love of Cats and the current state of play regarding the most popular drum makes. After set up, I sat on my own eating my tea and watched this unstoppable force do their soundcheck. There was no fuss or drama as they effortlessly belted out two numbers in between minor adjustments to monitor feeds.

They were then good to go. Fans old and new soon filled the venue, and the hair swinging foot-stomping onslaught began belting out from their unforgettable catalog such as Race With The Devil, Take It Like A Band, Hit And Run which also accompanied a phenomenal cover of Motorhead’s Bomber thrown in for good measure. A vociferous crowd didn’t want to go home even after they had done their finale, such is the high esteem in which this band is still held. In summary, this band is pure class. Girlschool’s footprint is firmly set in concrete on the footpath of British Rock. Such is their standing, I am given to understand that the Devil himself is set to record a song called ‘Race With Girlschool’…..he knows his place.

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