Jumping Planes interview

By Out With Ambler

Jumping Planes is the solo project of Philly based artist J. Miglionico. Upon hearing a track off the newly released album “The Center Is Split,” I, Out With Ambler, thought I’d reach out to learn more about this talented guy!

Out With Ambler. “Swallow The Concept, your first solo effort, was all of six years ago. Compare the two. Differences, as well as similarities!”

John-Paul Miglionico. “The two main differences are that the two albums were recorded in different studios, and different guests on them as well. The first was recorded at Sine Studio’s in Philadelphia. The new album was recorded at Forge Recording just outside Philly, in Oreland PA. The first album I did almost everything except for the drums and a piano part or two. This album I still wrote all the songs but did not do the bass and drums.”

OWA. “Did you find the process for “The Center Is Split” to be an easy one, that seemed to flow? Or did you find yourself kept awake a lot of nights in a creative struggle?”

John-Paul. “When you are captaining your own ship, you are responsible for every decision. I think the music came fairly easy once I decided to do another album, but the perfectionist in me tends to labor over certain details in the studio. That stuff can make your head spin because you do not want to make a wrong decision when there are so many options. You have to get out of your own way, trust your instinct, and just go for it.”

OWA. John-Paul, you have quite an eclectic and interesting background. Tell us some of the artists you’ve had the pleasure of working alongside.

John-Paul. “I’ve been lucky to work with lots of very talented people. not just the notable names, but I am picky about who I work with because I have high expectations to create something interesting. To throw out a few names…Leonard “Hub” Hubbard (original longtime bass player for The Roots) is on both of my records. Chuck Treece (Bad Brains, Mcrad, Urge Overkill) did the rhythm section for this whole record. That guy is crazy good at everything. Fred Mascherino ( Taking Back Sunday, The Color Fred) is a friend of mine and I have done a few things with him over the years. He is also on this new album. I auditioned for Grammy award-winning band Halestorm years ago when they first got signed. Producer wise, I have worked with Ron DiSilvestro (two time Philly producer of the year). Phil Nicolo (Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Cypress Hill), David Ivory (The Roots, Silvertide). Everyone in my former bands Palaceburn and Root of the Sick are very talented as well. There are loads of great people out there to work within all genres.”

OWA. “What artist, in your extensive touring history, would you credit with influencing you most?”

John-Paul. “On a personal level, my friend Fred who was in a very popular rock band. He was kind of a mentor growing up because I took lessons from him for a few years. It was cool to see him “make it” and hear the stories and get his advice on things as I went through my own journey. On a music level, I like so many different styles. I would give the nod to Adam Jones from Tool. He has a percussive style that I always gravitated towards.”

OWA. “What would you hope a listener take away from your latest work?”

John-Paul. ” I hope the listener takes away whatever they want. Love it or hate it. I hope I can elicit some sort of reaction. I don’t get too caught up in what other people think. True art is kind of a selfish endeavor. You make it for you first, then for anyone else who wants it. I guess if they say I have a unique style and I seem to know what I’m doing, that would be cool.” (laughs)

OWA. “Tell us what is next for Jumping Planes.”

John-Paul. “I am releasing a song at a time on all major digital platforms about every 6-8 weeks or so. That will form the whole album. Kind of like pieces of a puzzle coming together. Then just keep promoting and go play the stuff live. That’s the most fun part anyway. Just to go out and play.”

Find Jumping Planes music online:

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